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karessa san antonio
my name is karessa and ive been struggling with acne for years! the earliest i remember was 7th grade i would get tons of pimples on my cheeks and forehead. i am now 22 and still having the same problems. i had been searching the internet for basically a miracle i came across a youtube video of a girl who had fantastic results with this product so i took a leap of faith and ordered that night! When i first started using this product it made my face so dry but the moisturizer helped out alot. a few weeks went by and i saw minimal improvement i was discouraged but i figured i have nothing to loose so i might as well keep using it. 2 months later and i can not go a day with out using it. it has worked so well for me and i will always use this product. ive tried proactive 10% benzoil peroxide but nothing has worked but this im so grateful i found this that night just searching the internet ! you guys are amazing thank you!