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Beth WI
Dear Dan, I have only been using your regimen for three or four days now, but I am already seeing results. The acne that I had when I first began using it has healed up to scabs now, and this morning was the first morning that I woke up in a longggg time where I actually DIDN'T have a new pimple to pop. I did, however, develop a very minor one at the end of work today, but one small pimple in one day is a lot better than about four or five! (some of them quite large) I also had a zit on my forehead that I could see starting to surface...the kind where it's real slow to surface, but you can tell by looking at it that it's gonna be a doozie. I was freaking out that I was going to have a gigantic "boob" in the middle of my forehead, but after a few days of BP, it looks like it's shrinking down now. I was able to start out at the full dosage of BP, because my skin has been toughed up already thanks to retin-a. But for some reason, retin-a has stopped working for me. It was like a miracle drug when I first went on it. I didn't have a single pimple. It worked for me for a few years, and now it simply doesn't anymore. I would break out almost as though I wasn't treating my acne at all, and I never had a totally zit free day ever again. Thankfully, my acne isn't as bad now as it was a few years ago, when it was mostly cystic. Now I just have moderate acne, so I figured I'd give your regimen a try, and I can see it's going to work well for me. I can't wait until a few months from now when I'm 100% clear! Thank you so much for sharing your discovery with other acne sufferers and changing so many lives!