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Margaret Randburg, South Africa
Dear Dan, I started breaking out at age 13 and although it varied in severity it never went away. I had given up hope that my skin would ever be problem free. It is very depressing to wake up in the morning having a sore face and not wanting to look at a mirror because you don't want to know what new 'developments' have happened during the night. At least my story has a happy ending, it was entirely by accident that I stumbled onto your site and decided to give it a go. Finally after about 11 years of skin problems I have clear skin. I honestly cannot ever remember having clear skin so this is a unique experience for me and I LOVE it! People are starting to notice which is a first as well for me. I am still amazed that something so simple has produced such great results; I now recommend your site to all my friends who have this problem. Thank you so much, the difference it has made in my life is indescribable. Thank you again and please keep this site open FOREVER! :)