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Jitka Karlovy Vary, Czech republic
Hi Dan! You don't know how much your site and your products have helped me in the past few years. I started doing your regimen about two years ago, I was a little sceptical at first, because I live in the Czech republic and the shipping is quite expensive and I didn't want to get dissapointed at the very beginning. My acne was mild to moderate. The first two months were very difficult for me, I didn't really believe it would ever start working. I mean my complexion was getting better in its entirety, but I was still getting a new pimple almost every morning, which was depressing (on the other hand, it was gone in two or three days without leaving a scar). After that period of time, I finally started getting clear, because I raised the amount of BP used. I was shocked, I was totally amazed how well it works!! It's been a week now since I started using the AHA treatment, I was worried at first because I didn't want to mess up my clear face, but again, I was surprised with the results! My skin is not just clear, it's crystal clear, I use it before sleep instead of a moisturizer and my skin is glowing. I hope it will never stop working for me, and I promise I will keep ordering your products because it's worth it! My regimen: Cetaphil gentle cleanser Dan's BP Cetaphil moisturizer / Dan's AHA+ treatment So again, thank you a million, you are a genius, Dan!