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Jackie San Diego
My then 15 year old son was so depressed because of his acne. We tried Proactiv and other products with no success. He had to have a physical to play baseball and I asked the doctor for some advice. He instantly prescribed Accutane. I have heard so many horror stories about Accutane, that I was very hesitant. Fortunately, the Accutane prescription is not easy to fill. Certain requirements had to be met and it was just a chaotic mess. I went online and found this site. I ordered all the products and printed out the instructions. I gave them to my son and had to beg him to read the instructions and try the products. He was so frustrated by this time, he just didn't think anything would work. He reluctantly agreed to try the products. Well, my now 16 year old son has a clear face. His confidence is back and he has a girlfriend. He just called me and said he was almost out of cleanser, so I immediately came here to order some. While I was here I decided to tell his story and to say THANK YOU and may God bless you. I hope you realize that your efforts here are changing lives.