The Regimen Success Stories

Hey girlies i hope all is well, i know ive been gone for a while but ive had to do some things in preparation for uni but im back now, this is a 1 month acne update using and i hope you enjoy. xoxo ^.^ review
In my early college years I experienced really bad acne. The only thing that helped me was roaccutane. About 5-7 years after stopping Roaccutane, my face made a U-turn for the worst. I decided to try a skin peel. Unfortunately it did not work for me. For you Caribbean persons reading this you would understand.... I looked like PANADO. I was embarrassed to even leave my house because my skin was horrible. My face looked like a roasted chicken. It was pink and the bumps were outrageous. I decided to give up on that company and tried getting regular facials.... worst idea ever!!! My face had been the worst in my entire life. I became depressed and detached from everything. I would pack on the makeup just to go to the food store. I went from being confident about myself to feeling very insecure. After much thought I decided to give a try. For the first two weeks I was very doubtful because the benzoyl peroxide had really dried out my skin and made me appear to be burnt/ dark. Then I started noticing BIG WHITE ZITS s on my face and I was traumatized because throughout my journey with acne, I mostly had black heads.... hardly any white heads. I continued the process and honestly I felt like once again I'm wasting my time, energy and money. Especially when I saw friends and family and their greeting was always "What's going on with your face?' :-( Or to see strangers and you can see that they are looking at your face.... it was terrible. I traveled to South East Asia and I did not take one photo of myself because I hated the way my face was looking. Fast forward about 1.5 months after starting the regime, for the first time in about 10 years I have completely clear skin. Its almost like a miracle!!! The dry dark skin is gone, I have no breakouts and my face looks and feels amazing. I have now started recommending this product to my other friends that suffer from acne because this stuff truly works. If you are on the fence, get off now and give a try. Its a process but its well worth it.
After going off hormonal birth control my skin EXPLOADED with painful, red cystic acne. I had never experienced this type of acne and ended up falling into a deep depression because of it. After starting the treatment my skin cleared up within weeks. Now I have been using it for 5ish months, and only get an occasional pimple or two every month. I cannot explain how thankful I am for the treatment
Here's a long overdue updated skincare routine. I now use and its been working amazing for my acne prone skin. After almost 2 years of using the system I can confidently say that it really works, if you have acne prone skin and nothing has done the trick give this system a try, you will not be disappointed if you are consistent with it.This is not a sponsored video I've continued to buy these products with my own money.
I'm 34 years old & After about 2 months using the basic 3 piece regimen kit, I have zero acne for the first time in over 10 years. I had medium to mild but ugly (sometimes painful & cystic) spots on the jawline, chin, neck, and occasionally every other possible place on the face. I'm flabbergasted & thrilled to not have to wear makeup anymore to cover up all the spots. If you have sensitive skin (I do) I'd recommend every other day use at first, as it did dry out my skin for the first 3 weeks or so. I still avoid putting the benzoyl peroxide product anywhere near the lips. I've tried prescription medication (except accutane), proactive, expensive Dr gross & Arcona, and just about every drugstore product you can imagine with zero success. I didn't take before photos because I fully expected no results. The only spots left are either permanent moles or old scars. I hope this lasts till I'm a hip old lady & am beyond thrilled.
I suffered from acne throughout my teenage years, no medications really helped but I was't judged to have severe enough acne to warrant roacutane. In March of 2018 my skin flared like it had never done before, a combination of stress and hormones meant that my face from my eyes down was completely covered in big cystic acne as well as small whiteheads. I had never experienced anything like it and it just kept getting worse. My confidence was at an all time low and I was seriously bordering a deep depression. The doctors prescribed different antibiotics and topical creams for months with no improvement and as I felt lower and lower and my skin got progressively worse I began getting desperate for a treatment. A friend who works for a private dermatologist (in the UK) suggested the regimen as her daughter has amazing results and I HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACK. The products ARE INCREDIBLE. BUT you have to STICK WITH IT. The kit took a solid 6 weeks for me to see improvement and in the beginning it my skin did get worse. But please, if you are considering this product I can assure that it will be the best thing you ever do. The treatment is very drying on the skin and my acne really didn't respond well to that for a while, but the Jojoba Oil is incredible and when it says on the instructions to use it for dry skin...USE it. It will helps SO much. This was actually the turning point for my acne. Beware the skin will get flaky and painful and my god ITCHY but persevere. It was at about 4 weeks that I thought it would never work but it really really did within a week my spots were disappearing by the day!! My skin is now totally clear. Only downside for me being in the UK is the shipping costs are crazy money but for clear skin and a happy me I don't think twice about it. Follow the instructions to the letter and this product will change your life. But STICK with it. Amazing product.
Hi there, this is my current skincare routine. I have dry, sensitive skin and I was suffering from some breakouts here and there but then I found my regimen THANK GOD FOR THIS PRODUCTS.. This is what I do to get my skin looking moisturized and healthy. Thank you for watching this video. Don't forget to like and subscribe. Xoxo Esther
This thing works. I started seeing results after 2 months
CLEAR SKIN! definilty worked for me its also just to let you guys know my skin was moderate acne and oily skin!
I am so happy to have found and stuck with this regimen! I hope everyone else has the same great results that I did!
I discuss the treatment and aha product by I have had great success with them.