The Regimen Success Stories

Hello my name is Dee and for the past 2 months I've been struggling with acne. It started out like this I stared to get like really dry itchy skin on my neck and face so I went to the doctors and she stayed it was eczema and prescribed me some hydrocortisone 2.5 %. Ok let me start by saying I am African American, 28 years old, very sensitive skin, allergies, sinuses, am just allergic to everything aleast it seems that way. I had eczema when I was little in between my legs that itch like crazy and will leave my inner thighs really dark from scratching, but as I got older I grew out of that and haven't had a flare up since until now but the problem now is not my legs of course it's my face and neck. So after visiting the doctor I applied the cream to the areas just as she said. It help stop the itching and the darkness on my neck started to clear up but a few days later after putting the cream onto my face and forehead I notice small whiteheads so I stopped using the cream all together and went back to using my regular skin regimen, just washing my face morning and night. I have oily skin so I use mostly natural oils on my skin especially this winter since this has been a very cold winter were I live. I use coconut oil or jojoba oil which normally works great on my skin when it's dry. But it wasn't helping these bumps on my forehead which now has turned into big ous bumps all over my forehead. I how dark scars from picking with the white heads thinking it will go away sooner but these bumps don't seem to want to go anywhere. I've never had ance, I get bumps here and there around the time that my period starts but they heals as sons as my cycle is over and clear up fast. But these bumps and scars still haven't cleared up and it's been 2 months. I pray that my skin goes but to normal soon, and I really hope the dermatologist can help me. This has really affected my self esteem and I hate it because I feel like when I go out that all people see are these ugly dark scars.
I am 34 and had been struggling with acne for 20 years. I have spent many nights staying home because I felt too ugly to go out in public and many days at school and work looking down hoping no one would notice me, avoiding mirrors, knowing my thick layer of makeup wasn't really hiding my acne. I tried various types of prescription topicals and antibiotics and BCP (which I could not tolerate) with limited sucess. I had several rounds of acutane with great but only temporary success. On my last course of accutane I was so upset to be going off of it and scared of my acne returning, that I continued to take acutane in smaller doses for several years. Eventually I started to get headaches and stomach problems and had to discontinue the medication (don't ever do this- so stupid). My acne came back once I went off of the accutane for the last time. I tried spiroloctane which I could not tolerate, proactiv, a clairisonic and I purchased 3 blue lights which provided minimal improvements. I ordered vitamins and followed the perricone diet. Again with limited reults. Finally out of desperation I ordered the products and began following the regiime (if it hadn't worked my plan was try another course of acutane to see if I got sick). Knowing that it was BP in the treatment, I didn't have high expectations, but the youtube videos I saw were very compelling. I began the regimen last December and within a week my skin was much better, and after a month I was able to leave the house without makeup. I haven't had a single deep pimple that would typically takes weeks and weeks to go away since I began the regimen. I no longer stress about how my skin will look for important events. I can't say enough about how beginning the regimen has changed my life. I am beyond grateful to have found it and I tell everyone who tells me I have beautiful skin what it used to look like and how these products and regimen have turned my skin around. Thank you so much!!!!
Dan, Where Do I start? Just like everyone on this site, I was looking for a cure for acne. I have never had acne until about 6 months ago. I started breaking out, mainly on my cheeks. I became so self-conscious and didn’t want to go out as much. I would put so much make up over it, but it still showed. My coworker told me about your Regimen and shared her story with me . I was VERY hesitant because I thought, just another waste of time for my face. I would read the success stories and think; will I ever be able to write one? I started the regimen. I stuck to it to the T and never missed a morning on night… It was quite a roller coaster though In the beginning. My face was flaky I went through a purge, and was dry. By the second month, my face started to calm down a bit. I do have a lot of scars, but I do see them lighten up. I also switched to Bare Minerals makeup that helped me A LOT. Right now, my skin is the clearest it’s ever been in the past 6 months. Yes, I have scars, but they are VERY easy to cover up…I don’t spend hours trying to cover it up…I have people telling me, wow your skin looks great, what did you do? I can’t believe I am sitting here writing my success story. I always wondered if I was going to, because I just didn’t know what would work for me. This did. I am so thankful for your regimen. I use a Natural Face wash, your BP, Cataphyll Lotion, and sometimes add your AHA. People who are reading this, DO NOT GIVE UP…STICK TO IT. I am finishing my 3rd month and that’s when the results started to show. I know you will have the urge to give up at times, but don’t! GIVE IT AT LEAST 3 months and if your ever feeling down about it, come on the site and read the message boards and communicate with people who are going through the same thing. I can’t thank Dan and everyone at that has helped me so much. I still can’t believe I am writing a success story, when I use to read them every night before I went to sleep to motivate me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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The Regimen literally saved my life. I was suffering from acne cosmetica, and at the time I was unaware that this condition existed. I kept thinking my diet was the cause of my acne, and/or my hormones. I tried everything from a dairy-free diet, to a juice diet, to birth control pills. Nothing seemed to be working. I even went to the dermatologist, and they gave me adapelene gel along with antibiotic pills. Still, the acne persisted. Even though I was taking the right measurements in trying to control my acne, the health care professionals never once asked me what cosmetics was I using. You see, I was taking birth control pills for years to control my acne, and it worked, but then I started to use MAC cosmetic products, and that's what unfortunately changed my skin. I began to gradually see more and more acne, but since I was so adament about my makeup routine I did not question that it was causing it. I began developing small fleshy bumps, that would flare up from time to causing major scabs and scarring. I was so embarrassed to leave my house! Then I found this site, and decided what do I have to lose! WOW, like just WOW. Dan obviously did his research cause his products 100% worked. My skin has never looked better. People compliment it all the time, and can not believe the results. This review is more for Dan to just say thank you so much for literally changing my life. Now, I no longer have to sit in front of the mirror obsessing and wishing that I looked like the "makeup gurus" on YouTube. Shoot! I feel like I look even better! I can leave the house looking natural and still feeling gorgeous. Thank you Dan!!!
AMAZING! Thank you so much Dan. I was tired of buying new products and tired going to my creepy dermatologist. Tried all the kits at CVS and I was on some oral medication for a while (dont remember sorry, it didn't work, so I blocked it out haha) I trusted Dan because he wasn't trying to SELL anything. He was just a good dude, sorting through acne research for the good of man kind. I use Cetaphil wash and Cetaphil lotion, but then I bought his benzoyl peroxide because I was nervous the other products wouldnt work (and they didn't) This process works! You dont have to buy the whole kit that he sells. Just the benzoyl. During the first 2 months of using the system, my skin was crazy. So painful, dry, itchy, red, difficult to cover up with concealer. Everyone in my life kept saying "Amy, you are not doing any good. Stop using that weird internet regimen. Use my method blah blah" but I kept on trucking. At first I was so eager that I put on too much BP and really hurt my face. So just do the amount you are supposed to! It took almost 3 months for my face to calm down. I was on the "What to expect" page every day worried. But it really worked. After 4 months I was really settled into my new skin :) I was healed for over six months when I started getting lax about the routine. My acne started to come back but I thought it would be ok. I had full fledged acne once again after 2 months. I had to start the whole process over again, itchy red skin and all. It was less bad the second time, but learn from me. DONT QUIT! just keep doing it. Its refreshing after a while :) Now I am happy and clear again. I have turned my friends on to this stuff when they are really miserable. I know the initial period sounds difficult, but if you are already red, dry, and in pain, why not try it? It WILL be worth your time. Trust Dan. He is awesome and he loves you. He wants to help! Thank you so much for giving us these tools! This was an awesome experience :)
Firstly, I want to thank Dan for his amazing regime. I can't believe it works! I wanted to go on accutane but I told myself to start Acne Org regimen and see the outcome. I suffered from endometriosis and that gave me big cystic acne which I never experience before where it was bumps under the skin which smiling caused me alot of pain! From my before picture, you can't really see those acne cos it's cystic! Underneath the skin! The first month when I started, i cried so many days cause I'm getting more and more acne but I stayed cos of one big difference I saw, my blackheads were completely gone!!! I read the success stories everyday to make sure I won't give up. The initial purging was a no joke. After 3 months, I've seen major improvement, the acne that came out seems to be so much smaller and cured wayy faster! And so I continue, now after 6 solid months! I'm finally clear!!! I do have some breakouts when I have this monthly "women's problem" but I was so shocked it was so small that I myself do not notice it until I have to put the mirror right infront of my face! If you are reading this, do not give up! Trust me, you will definitely see amazing results! PS: I never wrote review in my life, this is the first cause I need to share this!!!!!
Hi, My name is Sammi and I am 18 years old. Just to be clear, this picture is after the 4th week of using the regimen. As you can see my face is peeling and obviously not close to perfect, but its a MAJOR improvement. Like others said, words CAN NOT explain how thankful I am that I found this regimen. It literally saved my life. I was at the point where I didn't know what to do with my life anymore. I was so beat down by the acne, words could not explain. Inside I felt like I wanted to die, I was so ashamed and felt so disgusting and ugly. Especially that I go to school in Oregon, and everyone here has mostly flawless skin, it was even more of a struggle. The saddest part was that I knew I had potential to look so much better if it wasn't for the dreadful acne. People can say your still 'beautiful' with acne, but come on, we all know acne really does hide our true beauty. I was mostly clear through out high school, but I am now a freshman in college and the acne couldn't of came at a worse time. My acne started worsening the summer before I started college, and I couldn't have been more upset. I have literally tried EVERYTHING, and nothing worked. Things either slightly worked, worked for a short period of time, or just sporadically worsened my acne. I am going on week 6 of the regimen, and I am no where near perfect skin yet, but my face has dramatically gotten clearer. Acne red marks still linger, but overall, I have no more bumps, just peeling and scars; but I am not complaining because anything is better than before. I just want to give a shout out to Dan and say you have literally changed so many lives. Helped so many people love themselves. I could't put into words how thankful I am for your products, and reminding you to NEVER STOP selling them. Your incredible and even though I really don't know you I love you. Thanks for giving me my confidence back. I highly recommend you give the regimen a go. You won't be sorry! What do you have to lose? Xoxo
Hi Dan, It's taken me a while to write because I couldn't really believe that my skin, after over ten years of frustration and insecurity about my face, had finally cleared up. My acne was/is the deep, painful cystic kind -- the kind that can make you feel like you are nothing but a face covered in sore spots. I was skeptical that tons of BP would do the trick, since I believed my acne was diet/hormone related. Whatever the cause, though, your suggestions have helped me clear up, and about 6 months later, I'm completely acne free, except for a stray one here or there (but even those are not quite as grisly as they might have been otherwise). I'm thrilled and relieved, to say the least. I can't believe I've found the answer to what feels like a lifelong battle. I really appreciate your recommendations and website. Here's my regimen, for anyone interested: Cetaphil cleanser (the unscented kind) -- I later switched to your cleanser and found it worked just fine too. Cetaphil moisturizer (unscented) A few drops of Jojoba oil mixed in with the moisturizer, on my drier days, and especially in the evenings Your Benzoyl Peroxide -- lots, as recommended. I've scaled the quantity (but never the frequency) back some since my skin's cleared up and that seems to be enough to maintain my clear skin. I also avoid all products containing fragrance, and switched my makeup to Bare Minerals, which I think helped too. I apply the moisturizer before the BP, but otherwise I pretty much keep to the regimen you've outlined. I'll also note that I drink tons of water, and eat a vegetarian diet with as much raw fruits and veggies as I can. Thanks so much, Dan! Cheers, Lindsay
Dear Daniel, I've been meaning to share my story with your community for some time now. I have been suffering with acne since I was 12 years old. I am now 23. I, like many other people, have tried absolutely EVERYTHING!!! Some things worked, but only for some time. When I finished school about a year ago, I become extremely frustrated with my acne! I was 22 years old and still suffering with acne! The last thing I wanted was to go into an interview with a big zit (or 2) on my face. How I came across your products and the Regimen was pure luck! I simply googled "best acne products". I researched and researched for hours before running into your site. I decided to try it because it made sense and what really attracted me to you and your site was that you seemed so genuine about helping people and their acne. It wasn't all about trying to sell your product; you even recommended over-the-counter products for people to try. So I bought the cleanser, the BP, and the moisturizer and within days noticed a difference. I strictly followed the regimen, following your video tutorials and everything. About 8 months later, I am practically clear! My skin has NEVER looked like this before! I can't stop telling family and friends about your site and products and convincing them to try it! I ended up buying the AHA and the Jojoba oil as well, and I am eagerly waiting for a moisturizer with SPF. I can honestly say I am brand loyal to and would be lost without your products! Basically, I just would like to say thank you!
I started using the kit February 1, 2015. At that time, my skin was red, sensitive, with plenty of blemishes and dark marks. I can report that as of May 21, 2015 my skin has improved significantly! I still have a couple of dark marks (they will fade eventually) but no where at the levels prior to using these products. My only regret is that I did not start using the products when I first heard of them about a year ago. The collage of the 4 before pics were taken between Jan. 1st, 2015 and mid April 2015. The after was taken May 20, 2015.
Hi my name is Katherine let me just say this is the best acne treatment I have ever used! I struggled with acne since I was 12 years old, I have tried every drug store acne brand and every remedy there was i even wen to a dermatologist and they recommended that I BLEACH MY SKIN WITH TOPICAL CREAM! At that point I said to myself there has got to be another way! So looked everywhere on YouTube and I found on a makeup artist's page and i thought it was fake and then I saw other people using it and I figured this would be my last try and then I would consider bleaching my skin! That was 3 years ago and I haven't looked back since! I LOVE ACNE.ORG and I would recommend to anyone i see you struggles with acne! My skin has gone from a bumpy road to a smooth as a baby's bottom. Also you can actually feel it working unlike most products! I call this face crack! LOLOL...