• <p>Hi, my name is Jamie and I am a stay at home Mom. We have 3 boys :-)</p><p>I have suffered from mild to moderate acne since I was about 13 (I am now 34). Last year due to some extra stress in my life, my acne was absolutely terrible! In desperation, I started searching online and I decided to take a chance and try these products. I followed all the directions on the website - just as Dan directed (Dan, you rock!). My skin gradually improved and in about 2 weeks I noticed a huge difference! I have been using these products since Sept. 2008 and my face looks fantastic! (Once in awhile I do get a blemish or two, but that is nothing compared to what it was before.) I wish these products would have been around back when I was a teenager. I love my skin now! </p><p>A big "THANK YOU" going out to Dan for finding something that works and then taking the steps to make it available others. These products really work! </p><p>Sincerely,<br />Jamie Pearson</p>

    Jamie Pearson Wilson, MI

  • <p>I have suffered from mild/moderate adult onset acne for the last 7 years. I was able to suppress it with birth control and oral antibiotics, but I didn't like taking either of those (birth control made me fat, and you can't drink when you're on antibiotics -- and I do live in Vegas, after all!). </p><p>I do a lot of modeling, and it was very stressful for me to have to worry about my skin breaking out before a job. So one day, in gloomy desperation, I googled "acne cures" and found your site. I tried it out, followed the regimen **faithfully** (even when stumbling home drunk at 2 in the morning, I still put on the treatment slooooowwwwwly) for 8 weeks, and I am pretty much acne-free! Sure, I bleached the hell out of my pillow cases and hand towels, and my skin is drier with a few new wrinkles that weren't there before... and sure, it takes me 30 minutes to get ready for bed at night...but overall, it's worth it! I expect to continue using the treatment at night, and the AHA in the morning, and hopefully that'll keep my acne at bay.</p><p>I love that you created this website more or less altruistically, and that you don't insist that people buy your products. But what I really love is that you figured out a system that actually works!! You are my hero, Dan!!</p>

    Sarah Las Vegas, NV

  • <p>Dear Dan,</p><p>When I first started the regimen I was fantasizing about this moment, the moment I got to email you my succes story and give you my thanks.</p><p>Like anybody else on the website I've had acne for several years. for 2 years I spend a lot of money on expensive products which turned out to help a lot but then I had a break out again and after that it never cleared up.</p><p>I decided to stop that and look for something else. After doing my research I found about your regimen, read your website and stories and thought, why not, It can't get worse from here.</p><p>So I started using your products in july 2007. I read all your succes stories that people were clean in about 8 weeks or something.<br />with me it took way longer! which is alright! but It just took me a while but I kept on using it because I had trust in the things you said about the products and about sticking to the program. Every face is different of course.</p><p>and now finally a month ago I'm totally clear! I have three redmarks on the left side of my face but I hope that these guys will give up eventually as well :)</p><p>I'm so happy that it finally worked and am proud of myself for staying with the program and not giving up! sometimes it just takes a little longer and it's worth it!! the results are amazing!</p><p>So thank you Dan for doing this for us!! and helping us feel so much better about ourselves, giving us back a piece of comfort and self esteem!</p><p>Thank you!</p><p>Love,</p>

    Merel New York, NY

  • <p>Dan-</p><p>You rock!! I cannot say enough about the Regimen and how wonderful it is. I too was an Accutane user last year and up until just a couple months ago, everything was perfect and then slowly it all came back! How frustrating as you know to go from having perfect skin to it returning to its previous state! I love the BP Gel as well! I was at Walgreen's with my mom the other day and she picked up a tube of PersaGel 10% for herself and I was like oh no no, try something with 2.5% and proceeded to tell her all about the regimen. She asked me Is that what your brother has been getting in the mail, he gets a tube of something about once a month I told her I didn't know because we don't live in the same house and never talk about skin care. When I saw him later I realized that his skin also looked noticeably better (he did the Accutane thing too and then it stopped working) and I asked him what he was doing differently. He told me with a little laugh I'm on the Regimen! So at separate times, my brother and I have stumbled across your website and it has worked absolute wonders on both of us. He has been doing it for about a month and a half and his skin is 100 times better, I've been doing it for about 3 weeks and mine continues to improve!! I don't believe I've every written a comment about any particular product or routine ever in my life and while I apologize for this novel of a comment I just had to tell you THANK YOU for sharing this reasonably simple regimen with everyone and creating this website. It is by far the best thing that I've ever used for my skin and clearly my brother's as well!</p><p>Thanks again!</p>


  • <p>I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the regimen! I started 5 weeks ago and have had the most amazing results. I have struggled with acne for 10 years and have been to the dermatologist numerous times, only to be disappointed.</p><p>Each day I wake up with clear skin I think about how awesome it is that you shared your knowledge. </p><p>THANK YOU!</p>

    Lindsay Hawaii

  • <p>I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for your help. </p><p>Like many, I had acne as a teenager. I was able to keep my skin clear for a while, but once I hit 23, my skin broke out again. </p><p>I tried everything - I went to several dermatologist, all of who gave me treatments that actually made my skin worse. My confidence reached a new personal low; I felt completely helpless. </p><p>I had come across this website several times, but never tried the regimen - I thought there was no way it could be that easy! Instead, I spent hundreds of dollars on creams, facials, washes, and prescriptions. All without success. </p><p>About a month and a half ago I decided to try the regimen - guess what, my skin is finally clear! </p><p>I did make a few modifications for my particular situation (I use a BP wash at night, and use Tazorac on my forehead), but overall, I couldn't be happier.</p><p>Thanks - this really has changed my life.</p>

    Erin Boston

  • <p>I have had mild to moderate acne for about five years. I tried a variety of treatments including duac, minocyclene, and differin. The three worked well in conjunction but i was looking for something a little more 'natural' and of course a little cheaper. <br />Dan's products are a God send. I didn't clear up at first. In fact for the first 4 or 5 months i saw little improvement if any. But around the 6 month mark it all came together. Along with Dan's AHA+ and lowering my BP usage to 1.5 pumps twice a day my skin is better than ever.<br />All said my message is this: Don't ever give up, take your vitamins, eat well, and, most importantly, always think positive!</p>

    Erik P Oregon

  • <p>I LOVE LOVE LOVE your products!! I have only been using them for a month and my face is already clear! I've tried so many different things and proactive, NONE of it worked til I found this site! I cant say it enough, i LOVE the products!</p><p><br />Thanks!</p>

    Mary-Kate virginia beach, VA

  • <p>My skin was red and flaky a week ago, break outs etc. At that time I didn't know about acne.org I found this site and looked at the mirror and said well I will give it a try because I can't take this anymore. So I did. I don't know why benzoyl peroxide made my skin soft and smooth in less than a week. But it did. Pimples are still there but looks much better than before. I started slowly, very slowly and what I found is that jojoba oil applied over benzoyl peroxide takes away (at least for me) all unpleasant tingling, burning etc. I started with 10 % (well yeah slowly:) that is what I had around the house. Now I am down to 2.5 % and I had to stop for some time because my skin is sensitive and it is too much sometime. But my skin is smooth, redness bumps, and some pimples went away. Some pimples aren't going away they like me very much. Ok so thank you, wish I found you earlier.</p>

    ledy USA