• <p>I tried several expensive anti acne creams, wash or gel in the market but nothing worked. Then I came across this anti acne regimen and decided to follow it. Viola, in 2 weeks I can see the difference. What I like about it is you don't have to buy their products and instead they gave out alternatives which you can use for a cheaper price. For the cleanser, I use Cetaphil coz my son is already using it. Then for the benzoyl peroxide 2.5% I use the CVS brand and for the moisturizer I use Olay. I am thankful to this site.</p>

    bunny baldwin park, ca

  • <p>Give me a S. Give me a U, C C E S S. I feel like I have to do a cheer because I am so cheerful. I have had wonderful success and have been on the program about a month. Couple of red marks left and that is all. I hope it lasts, I will continue to use the program. My self esteem is so high. Dan you are a saint, for showing people how to be clear. I love you. Use all your products and can't wait for the new products to come out, I will certainly be purchasing those also. Thank you so much.</p>

    Margie Michigan

  • <p>I have suffered from acne since I was 12 I am now 35 and still going strong with the 'suffering' until...I came across your website. At first I was skeptical as I have tried everything from over the counter cures to homeopathic to invasive prescriptions, nothing worked for more then 2 weeks. Anyone who truly has chronic acne knows that your skin can be very chameleon like when introducing a new skin care regimen. It can adapt and rebel to the products you try. Well, I put my skepticism aside and ordered your clear skin product line. WOW! It worked. AND It's still working.</p><p>Thank you for developing a regimen that works. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am in awe of what you have been able to accomplish for long time acne sufferers.</p><p>I have told everyone I know and any random person who asks...and they do ask...'what do you use on your skin?' about the clear skin product line.</p><p>I will continue to be a LOYAL customer!</p><p>PS. I rarely send e-mails like this but I feel like I won the lottery so I just had to contact you directly and share my appreciation.</p>


  • <p>Hey Dan,</p><p>I just wanted to say thanks for creating an awesome resource! I have had acne for over half of my life (I'm 28 now, had it since I was about 12). By the time I was about 16, it cleared up somewhat but I've always had two or three whiteheads or pimples at a time on my face. I've tried salicylic acid, antibiotics, 10% benzoyl peroxide, sulfur resorcinol, natural products with witch hazel (the worst by far) and pretty much everything else under the sun. They helped keep my acne from being awful but it still was always there at some level.</p><p>The first week I tried your regimen with Cetaphil cleanser, Neutrogena On-the-Spot, and Clear Care moisturizer. I didn't have a single additional pimple the entire week. My skin hadn't been this clear since I was 11! I'm on the second week, and I did get two small whiteheads, but I'm confident those will clear up soon. This is still the clearest my skin has ever been. I was even considering Accutane because I was so fed up with dealing with my skin, spending 10 minutes every morning trying to conceal it with makeup, and feeling like crap whenever I had a breakout.</p><p>I also wanted to applaud you for 1) using a scientific approach to creating the regimen, 2) sharing your story and information in a down-to-earth way, and 3) using environmentally responsible products. I think you are a great example of what people in our generation should aspire to be in terms of honesty to the public, an intelligent approach to challenges, and responsible living.</p><p>Thanks again!</p>

    Kat Fairfax, VA

  • <p>Dramatically changed my self image/esteem. Not that expensive. Dan you have made a really positive impact on my life.</p>

    Nathan W Canada

  • <p>This product is awesome. this is the only product out there that works for me. I have tried so many out there. <br />The cleanser cleans my skin and takes the flakiness away. the ben. peroxide is great . the moisturizer is so easy to put on all of the products are. I didn't take no pictures I just wanted to see for myself if this really worked and they do work you got to follow the regimen. thank you so much.</p>

    amy mi

  • <p>I have tried everything under the sun; finally something that works! </p><p>It's very reasonably priced and is the supply is lasting a really long time. </p><p>I wish I had a before picture but they were too embarrassing so I didn't keep them. All that's left now is scars from prior acne and I think those should fade over the next couple months. </p><p>Thank you Dan!!!</p>

    Ami New Hampshire

  • <p>Hey Dan!<br />After years and years of over the counter, prescription, and countless home remedies and crazy diets my skin is 100% clear. I came across the Acne.org website by chance one day and decided this was my last attempt at clearing my skin before i went on accutane. I had moderate to severe acne. I started the Acne.org regimen in mid july of this year. Almost immediately i started to see results. I couldn't believe it, i thought it was too good to be true. Now about 3 and a half months later my skin is zit free! I'm so happy. So many people have asked what I've been doing that cleared up my skin so fast and when i tell them, they don't believe how simple it was. I still have a few scars but nothing too bad. I feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup. My self esteem has grown each day. I'm absolutely ecstatic! Dan you saved my skin. I can't thank you enough. I wish i would have known about this regimen years ago, before i went through high school. You are one of my hero's Dan. I'll be spreading the word to everyone I can. </p><p>For those who are reading this and haven't started the program please please please give it a try! Give it at least 8 weeks. It is so worth it!</p>

    Autumn California

  • <p>Hey Dan, I'm 26 y/o, living in Brooklyn, NY, and I've struggled with acne for the last ten years. I was pretty skeptical when I stumbled onto your website, but I was at the end of my rope, and I figured hey, give it a try. I had an old tube of 5% BP leftover in a drawer from when I was a teenager, and I gave slathered it all over my face one morning before work. Well my face turned all red and I freaked out, but I put on some moisturizer and within an hour it was fine, and by the next day i was WAY clearer. I bought a bottle of your treatment and started using the regimen at night (I couldn't do the bleached clothes from wearing it during the day, but bleached towels and sheets aren't a big deal) Anyway...</p><p>I am SO CLEAR now, Dan. This is amazing. I wish I had discovered this ten years ago. I had my doubts with all the positive success stories on the website; it seemed too good to be true. This is becoming the best summer I've ever had. I'm so confident now, it's been a major life change.</p><p>Thanks so much, your work it very important and it has really made a difference in my life.</p><p>Thanks,<br />Eric</p>

    Eric Brooklyn, NY