The Regimen Success Stories

I've had acne since i was 7. It was not that bad, but i really hated myself because of it. When i turned 17, it was getting worse. I could not get out of my house without make up. I was really embarassed of myself. I tried everyt product, but i never noticed any improvment. I started to use the Regimen on february 2015. The first month got me so scared because my skin was so dry. After my skin got used to the product, i could see that it was getting better everyday. Finally, after 3 months using it, and for the first time in 12 years, I saw my skin completly clear. This was the best thing ever. Thank you so much, Dan.
Thank you Dan, and team. The following are my before and after photos from 2011. After a miscarriage, my ongoing struggle with acne turned into a war. tried topical clindamycin, retinoids, and pill form antibiotics. All of these seemed to make it worse. I tried topic BP from other brands which were Far too extreme and made my skin peel as if I had a chemical burn. Three years after starting the regimen, I am still acne free. I travel regularly as a medical provider to extreme, overseas locations and environments, but this regimen is so simple I can keep it up anywhere and keep that professional face without the hassle of makeup in a place like Haiti. Good luck everyone, I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone suffering from long term acne and sensitive skin like me.
I've been struggling with cystic acne since I was about 11 years old. Among the things I wasted money on to remedy my acne were over-the-counter soaps, creams, astringents, birth-control pills, Proactiv, Murad, prescription creams like Benzamycin, antibiotics, natural home remedies, you name it. Of course, all the while, I was so focused on getting rid of acne that I didn't realize that the harsh treatments I was using that claimed to cure it were perpetuating the cycle, drying out and damaging my skin further, which caused the acne to spread and intensify. All the things I was using and taking were wreaking havoc on my body (especially the birth-control. NEVER AGAIN.) I can't tell you how many nights I'd cry from not only the emotional anguish at the disfiguring scars, but also the pain of the inflamed blemishes. Sixteen years after my struggle began, my bone-headed self FINALLY decided to attack the problem by educating myself on acne. After reading countless books and articles, talking to dermatologists and viewing what seemed like hundreds of sketchy anecdotes online, at last, I found out about through a YouTube video testimonial someone posted that I actually clicked on by accident (read: Divine Providence). I really couldn't believe it was that simple, so I visited the website, viewed all the information "About Acne" and the treatment options, and then came to the Testimonials page. So many people just freely writing in to share how they'd been cured by this miracle product?! All that time and money I've wasted on things that didn't work and wrought havoc on my skin and body that didn't have nearly as many happy customers backing them up? I am SO glad I took the chance. To Dan: May God abundantly bless you! You and this product are a MIRACLE! To anyone reading this and considering purchase, DO IT! DO IT NOW!!! It's so worth it, and you'll have no regrets... except that you didn't try it sooner!!
Your video was awesome at showing us how to clean her face. All your no-no's we were doing on a daily basis! Thanks so much for helping us. After one week, her face is nearly cleared up!
Pearl City
I have never had skin issues in my entire life (I am 26 years old), until about eight months ago when I suddenly developed bumpy, acne-ridden skin that simply would not go away. Perhaps due to a hormonal shift? I tried literally everything---changes in diet and exercise, ProActiv, other face creams and rinses, prescription antibiotics (both topical and pill form) and NOTHING worked. I finally ordered the regimen out of desperation and literally within a week my face was significantly better. Now, instead of dozens of red bumps all over my face, I get maybe three or four spots a week, which is manageable and barely noticeable. I do have the hyperpigmentation to deal with too, which is actually kind of nice because it serves as a positive reminder for me of how bad it used to be and in contrast, how good my skin is now. I am so thankful I found this website and this regimen. My only concern is, will continuous, prolonged use of BP on my face have negative consequences down the road? I have yet to find any kind of science-based study on the long term effects of Benzoyl Peroxide, but fingers crossed, there are none. Thanks Dan!
Hi Daniel! My story is simple: I was living inside my head all my life, unable to communicate my inner-most feelings toward my family, I internalized everything and the anger and frustration eventually made it's way onto my face. It was strange to me at first that nowhere else on my body had I broken out. It took me years of over cleansing and depression before I addressed my emotional distress. I found your website when I was finally ready to simplify my regimen. I found results for the first time in ten years with a mixture of your methods and the confidence I needed to succeed. With a regimen for my skin and a new-found empathetic approach to my life, I've allowed my true self to emerge and I am excited about the world I'm able to meet with eye contact and authenticity. Thank you for your work Daniel. You've helped me so! Love and Admiration, Ashley
Whatever you can see in my before picture, increase that by tenfold. It's been zoomed in but the camera didn't put up how bad it really was. My whole right chin was covered in deep bumps. That is with a full face of foundation on that used to just slide off. I'm 28 years old and I've had acne since 14, mostly cystic but all kinds. I've been on the Regimen for 6 months now and I can only wish that I knew about it in high school or college- I could have gotten involved in a lot more and had a better experience. I couldn't look anyone in the eye for more than 2 seconds and I loved when I took my contacts out at night and couldn't see because it felt like other people couldn't see me clear. (silly, i know..) My cysts used to clear and come back, clear and come back, in all the same spots over and over. Years and years of this. It caused a stress in my life that put a strain on my relationships with others. Well, through these last 6 months on the Regimen, I finally have my face under control. If I do get a small pimple, the next regimen usually FLATTENS it right down! It's an amazing process. You don't even necessarily have to order the kit- I use Olay foaming face wash, acnefree BP, and Walmart brand moisturizer. As long as you find compatible products, it's all about the process and staying gentle, keeping CLEAN towels, etc. I didn't realize how much of my acne problem was cosmetic and hygiene related. Don't let people scare you into thinking there's something wrong with your insides or pressure you into accutane before you give this a chance. If it doesn't work at ALL after following it perfectly for 6 months, then explore your options. My before picture was the week i got engaged, and although my fiance loves me no matter what, I'll always sort of regret that my skin looked that way that night. But I'm just so happy I actually came out of it and can finally move on from acne.
Finally after trying so many products, i have found my peace. Ive been suffering from occasional acne since i was a teen. It gets worse when i reached 30. I was thinking i shouldn't be having anymore breakouts at this age. Worst is, it's cystic acne along my jawline. Painful and itchy at the same time. I went to dermatologist, took pills, spend hundreds on cream which doesn't seem to work. Not until i saw this from one of the youtube blogger im following. I went online and purchased. My skin has never been close to perfect since i started using this. I still have marks from picking (yes, i have that habit). I love make ups and they always say a good make up needs a good canvas. My canvas now is close to perfect. Im not quitting anytime soon. Im finishing my first kit and now my new big bottles just arrived. Again, thank you.
Thank you so much, Dan. I will admit, that at first seeing your product I thought it was a scam like all the rest I had tried. But out of desperation I tried it, and to my surprise it worked! The first two months were hell. My skin was smooth, but it was all dried out and peeling. With jojoba oil and lots of lotion I was able to fix it. After all that my skin was wonderful! I'm just sad that this product isn't that well known. I would recommend it to any self conscious teen, at least try it before they go on strong drugs like acutane.
I'm 34 and African American. I was taught acne was a "teenage" problem. But years later, my pimply face proves otherwise. And the more I sought after a remedy, the more I realized how many others dealt with adult acne as well. So, I really believe I have tried nearly everything. Expensive and inexpensive, I've been to the dermatologist, the spa, I've modifying my diet, I've tried holistic at home remedies, NOTHING helped. I think I was actually looking for another at home solution when I stumbled across someone's review of these products. I didn't immediately purchase it. I'd never heard of it before and didn't believe it's claims. Also, 4 months?! I didn't want to wait that long! But a month later I found myself researching it again and decided, why not? I've spent YEARS and countless money on products and I continued to suffer. I write this review now, because I can finally say that I am ACNE FREE!!! I can't even believe it!! It has taken me approx 6 months, & I've learned that I can not follow the directions to the letter, & had to make some changes but I am a very happy customer. I use the wash and the benzoperoxide. My system is to wash at night and use the benzoperoxide, however I had to switch the moisturizer to Shea moisture for acne. It's very thick but def helps prevent my skin from becoming excessively dry. In the mornings I only use the face wash and the Shea moisture. I would say my acne was well controlled by the second month, but I still had occasional breakouts from stress and "that time" of the month. It was around month 3 that I switched moisturizers. My few breakouts became less and we're now only occurring during "that time". However, it has now come and gone and I have not had 1 single breakout!! It's amazing!! I am of darker skin and my acne leaves behind horrendous scars that take MONTHS to heal. Because of this, regardless of how often my breakouts were occurring, my skin was still gross. With this system my skin is finally beautiful!!
I struggled with acne for the past 3 years of my life and I have tried everything and anything that I could. Spent a lot of time researching on the causes of acne, how to get rid of them and trying all sorts of acne related products but nothing works. I was really devastated and it was affecting me greatly. Until I found I love how genuine Dan is in trying to help people get rid of their acne. The fact that he does not force you to get his products, but recommends substitutes shows that he really wants to help but not just earn money from his stuff. I live in Asia so shipping is crazy expensive, I didn't even use the exact products he recommended, but just followed his instructions on what type of cleanser I should get, and I'm so happy I found the right one. I'm using Mario badescu's enzyme cleansing gel. It fits the bill and works. No foaming, has glycerin, has the word gentle, etc. Also learnt that my old cleanser contains the ingredient he says to avoid. I was shocked! So together w benzac's 2.5% and a good light moisturizer is perfect. I started seeing my face clear up after about 2-3 months. Exactly what he promises. It's been 5-6 months now Im loving my skin. I still do get the occasional pimple but keyword: occasional! I am slowly getting more comfortable in my own skin and It gave me so much more confidence. Cannot be more thankful for Dan and thank you thank you!!! I will stick to this regime for as long as it works. :')
I CANT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT ENOUGH. long story short its changed my life. Having suffered from acne more or less all of my adult life, I can safely say that I have tried everything under the sun from oral medication to every type of topical available. I was taking the pill (dianette) for years which kept my acne under control, however when I came off this medication my acne came back with a vengeance. Nothing worked, as a last resort I decided to try the regimen. WITHIN 2 WEEKS MY ACNE WAS GONE...and without the nasty side effects that other topicals seem to have. I did have some dryness about 3 weeks into treatment however this cleared very clearly and has never returned. I started the regimen about a year and have been using it ever since. THIS IS NOW THE ONLY PRODUCT THAT I WOULD EVER USE TO TREAT MY ACNE.