The Regimen Success Stories

I'm pretty much acne free.
I'm back with a review on the Acne.Org regimen. It's been working really well for me and I wanted to share a little bit of it with you guys. I hope you guys enjoy this video.
Acne free: the regiment
Just wanted to share a pic of me when my acne was at it's worst, and a pic of me today. Huge difference, still have a way to go, but change is possible!?? Big thanks to Dan at and everyone over there :D
Orange County
I've had persistent acne ever since I was 13 years old. I'm almost 23 and I can say that I'm finally clear. I tried everything under the sun except for accutane because I was too concerned of the side effects. It took me about 2 weeks to see results from starting The Regimen. It was amazing to see my progress over the year. I kept a blog on (my user name is CeruleanCity) to share my experience. Thank you Dan & crew for curing my acne. The products offered are straight forward, simple, affordable and best of all - it works.
Los Angeles
Let me just be honest, when I first found the regimen, I wasn't thrilled at all to try it. I had tried just about every over the counter product from Clearasil to Sea Breeze to Acne Dote with worse results than what I started with. I then tried ProActive, which did NOT help at all. I also had been going to 2 different facialists and even tried doctor proscribed pills and creams and nothing was working! So, you can see why I wasn't too thrilled to try something else. Let me tell you, I literally began to see results within the first WEEK of using the Regimen. That has never happened to me before with any other acne product I have ever tried. After 3 weeks, people started commenting on my skin and began telling me that it's clearing up so fast and I just couldn't believe it. After 2 months, my acne was completely gone. The only thing that was left were these annoying red dots which are the result of acne, but those went away eventually. I am just so grateful for the Regimen. I tell everyone about it and I absolutely refuse to use any other product on my face. THANK YOU DANIEL KERN!!!
Hello, My name is Sam W. and I have had acne since seventh grade. My parents have spent over thousands of dollars for medical treatment from dermatologists. All of the trials and medications they prescribed to me had eventually caused more acne. Let me remind you at one point I was consuming orally two capsule pills twice a day, on top of the topical ointments. Throughout school and even today, I have many friends and will always have little problems meeting new people. Despite that great characteristic, having acne has still caused me to develop little self esteem and sometimes even self confidence. Often, I feel like people look at my face in disgust, and could possibly even question my hygiene. I am a very cleanly person, especially for being a 20 year old, male, college student. I wish I would have taken the time to do my own web research on acne six years ago, when it all began. Through my numerous educational expeditions, I learned more about acne; what it is, how its caused, and how to treat it, more than I ever did an any of the countless, $300 dollar dermatologist appointments. I have been using your products, and following the Regimen for a half week now. Already, I see greater results than I ever have. I hope Dan reads this, and I also hope that Dan contacts me in regards to promoting his products and The Regimen through advertisement. I haven't done thorough research about the company, but I do recall at one point reading that you do not pay for advertisement. This needs to change, because kids out there need an effective, affordable solution that will save their skin from scarring -like mine. I have a quiz in the morning, and took the time from studying for it to write this message. Please respond to it, whether it is by a reply, or hopefully an action of promoting The Regimen. Time to go put on my Treatment. Thank you!
Norcross GA
Getting off contraceptive pills has given me severe acne all of a sudden. I was so frustrated because summer was coming up and I didn't want to go out with acne on my face. I wasn't brave enough to take before pictures but I had about 10 to 15 pimples for over 2 months. New ones were coming out every day and new scars were formed because I couldn't help picking the pimples. After 2 months of usage (I used the whole set), my skin got so much better. The complexion is smoother and skin tone is more even now. I'm now just using the cleanser and AHA+ to prevent acne from coming back and to take care of the scar problem.
My acne exploded at possibly the worst time of my life. I was struggling with some mental health/body image issues at the time, and the onset of adult acne did not help to say the least. I had stopped eating at the college cafeteria because I was so afraid to show my face in public. I would hide in my dorm room all day, and feel like I had to hide my face even from my roommate/best friend. I was skipping class all the time because it was just too much trouble to spend hours picking at my face/piling on enough makeup to muster up the courage to face other people. Trying to deal with these other issues on top of acne was frustrating, and when I was finally able to take control of my skin I felt like I could start taking control of other aspects of my life. So thank you, because helping me clear my skin was just one small step in helping me get my life back together, but it was the first step. I feel happier and healthier than I've felt in over a year :)
New Zealand
I'm Morgan and I am 16 years old (I started The Regimen when I was 15). I've never had a severe case of acne but I still used to get frequent pimples and my acne scars would never fade. I tried using cleansers and makeup to get rid of/help hide my acne but nothing worked for a long period of time. I came across and The Regimen when I was searching for remedies. I read the stories and talked to my parents about trying the treatment and I ordered my first kit! For me it was a big deal. The kit is actually quite expensive by the time you get all the products and pay shipping (the shipping costs to New Zealand was almost more than the kit itself..) but I have never spent money more wisely. Within the two months I had extremely dry flakey skin and it appeared to be getting worse before it got better but pimples were not as frequent. It's been three-four months now (I think haha) and I only get a pimple probably once a month and it clears up in a day or two. I only need to use the treatment once or twice a week and my skin is so clear! Most of my really bad scars are also gone too. Up to this point I've purchased two 1-month kits and one 3-month kit but they're lasting a week or two more than that. I have nothing but positive remarks about The Regimen and I couldn't be happier with my skin now! Thank you! p.s. In both photos I am only wearing a light coverage BB cream, mascara and have filled in my eyebrows. There's no other makeup on my face :)
I tried everything you can imagine to cure my acne but nothing worked for me, I tried from netrogena to clinique and home remedies but my acne was worst and worst; I came to the conclusion that my skin doesn't like salicilic acid (acne fighting ingredient) and that I had some kind of bad reaction to it. It was until I tried the products that I saw some improvements after just the first week of use.
This review was made 3 years ago when I was 17, I am now 20 and my skin has changed, but using The Treatment is my absolute go to. I no longer feel the need to wear makeup at all! These pictures featured don't look too severe, mostly because I avoided the camera at all costs. Would you want something so inflamed and unsightly staining someone else's photograph? So I only have a few pictures of my face with breakouts, at least that is how I wanted it to be. Also, I'm not wearing makeup in this video.