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  1. sorry it has been a while but here is my 2 month log after one month my face looked horendous. then i went on vacation and it cleared up, but boy did i get burned! when they say that it makes ur skin more sensitive they are very right. about 2 weeks into the second month my knees and ankles (joints) are hurting me and im 100% positive it is because of this medicine. also i have had to sit out of basketball for 2 weeks and havent been able to go to the gym, other than that my face looks better.
  2. Congrats on finishing your round on accutane! also, they say accutane stays in your system for 5 months after the mediciation, and continues to work, has it continued to get better even one month after your treatment??
  3. Hi, ryan. I am a 13 year old who started accutane one week ago. i want to let you know how i am doing, if you look in my pro there is a link to my log. it will be interested to see how I am doing. i am taking 80 mg a day, what are you taking? also, i read you log, and it didnt seem like you got an IB, i got mine right away!! hopefully the worst is gone, and it gets better before the end of APRIL! thanks, mike
  4. Thank you!! and btw i dont think anyone is being disrepctful! lol, i actually enjoy reading wut ppl have to say. so dont be afraid to say what you actually feel. it is fine by me! thanks to all
  5. First off, i never asked if i was too young, my dermatologist said it was a good idea. and i was on erythomycilin for a year, and it no longer works. and i have tried over 5 prescribed gels and all burned my skin within a month, so i used each for a month, not all in a month FTR. but, i am really starting to get dry skin and lips, went out and bought some vaseline and cetaphil for my skin. it is working. my IB is getting better, and getting more toward how it was in the begining. hopefully it
  6. Great Site! i started accutane a week ago, but if that fails, i will look into your regimens. thanks again for an excellant site!

    1. And a couple of things, for those saying it is a last resort problem, ive been trying things for about a month, my derm prescribed me on 2 antiobiotics, 5 gels, and nothing worked! so i figured i would try. but WEEK 1- it has been a weeek, and i have notices a lot of puss filled ones around my mouth (where i typaclly get them) more on my forehead, which i never get, and my typical acne near my sideburns. no side effects, at all.
    2. Hi all, i am only 13. but i am far more along puberty than an average thirteen year old. i am 5'10 and weigh 180.
    3. Hi everyone, i went to the dermatoligst and he said to try it out. so i am taking my first pill tonight. i am 13 and weigh 180. i am taking 40 mg 2 times a day. i wil be posting every couple of days with my results/ side effects i hope i dont get anything besides the ordinary dry skin and lips. wish me luck!!