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  1. I don't know what my parents were watching the other day, but it was some sort of news thing. Anyways, this guy on it was talking about how some stores put pink lights in that exaggerate acne so teens don't hang around. FUCK THEM. Fucking idot assholes! How dare they humiliate acne sufferers anymore than they already are?? That seriously upsets me! And, besides, it's not just teens that have skin problems! What about adults with acne? What about the ones who still have the scars from teenage yea
  2. My two 4 year-old cousins were playing together a few days ago. I went into the room they were in and they screamed. One was like "I thought you were a monster" and I said "I'm not a monster, silly! Can I play?" and he was like "Oh, I thought you were because you have all those red spots on your face." It wouldn't have really bothered me, because, it's just a little kid, but that day my skin was pretty good, and I had make up covering all my red scars... or so I thought. I wonder who else notic
  3. Thanks everyone. I don't think I'll end up going on it, I think I'll just try to use whatever else I can for now. It's just hard, y'know? Oh well. Thanks, everyone who recognized this as thinking ahead. I was just wondering, just in case. =)
  4. I shoudln't be thinking about that? What??? Why the hell shouldn't I be? I don't want my babies to turn out defected when I'm an adult. Jesus, just because I'm trying to think of what's best for my kids, doesn't mean I'm having sex. And it's definately not the least of my worries. That's the only reason I'm wary about it, but thank you. That was very imformative.
  5. OKay, so I'm 14, and nothing has cleared up my zits. I've had them for 4 years. And they've been worse for the past 2. Anyways, I was thinking about accutane, but if it screws up babies, I'm wary. It's not like I'd be getting pregnant at this age, but does it mess up your eggs? Like, has anyone been on it, then went off, and got pregnant (while off of it. Maybe even for a few years?)? How did your babies come out? Were they still deformed, even though you weren't using it for a while? Or quite s
  6. Definately! It's such a horrible feeling! I'm so afraid my make up will wash off! I hate it, and it's so hard not to feel like you can't do anything about it.
  7. That's horrible. I was just called a pizza face today, and I felt disgusted with myself, because I thought it was clearing up a little. I do think you should go and file a complaint. It's bad enough that you probably are grossed out by yourself often, but to have everyone in your class laughing and joining in.. well.. I'm pissed off at hearing that. You might feel uncomfortable with telling anyone about this because then you'd be pointing attention to your face, but I definately think it'll be w