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  1. have u try "Cerave" moisturizer? Best moisturizer i ever came across using with Dan's regimen products. I find Cetaphil a lil bit too greasy for my preference. I highly suggest that you use BP only on the area where you have acne. There no point in applying BP to non-acne problem area, which will only dry out your skin.
  2. wow, ur a cutie pie. let's chat sometime! =)

  3. hey im Vietnamese too and i had acne on mostly on my chin and forehead all my life. Until i started taking "Bactrim" antibiotics and using Dan's regimen, the acne on my face totally disappeared. I higgly recommend trying "Bactrim"!!!

  4. yea im first to comment! lol. Be Strong & Think Positive. That's my motto.

  5. i told u that i would follow u to the end. congratz!!!!!!! can we see pictures??? i myself got my acne on my face under control for months now!
  6. i know how u feel. i sorta feel the same way. my skin is mostly clear now with a little break out here and there. nothing as bad as it was like a year ago. with my skin mostly clear, i still walk around and act as if my face was the same a year ago a.k.a walking around being shy. its a mental thing with time we'll get over it. im just so used to having acne on my face and i feel as if its a part of me when now it really isnt anymore. i suffer from acne all my life since middle school.
  7. I never knew June was Acne Awareness month. Nobody here on this forum mention it!
  8. I dont even know if i should be writing this, but i know if i do i will feel some what better. I suffer from acne all my life since i hit puberty back in middle school. I mainly blame it for ruining life in many ways. I finally met someone in my life a while back that love me for who i am. I thought i would never find such a person that can see me pass my acne and the low self-esteem it cause me. But i was wrong. I might say im lucky compare to other people on this board with severe acne. I alwa
  9. wow i bet being a cancer survivor herself that what gave her the confidence and personality she has. there are much worse disease out there than acne. i guess until you actually get one that is life threatening like cancer, you'll realize how precious life is. you have to enjoy life no matter what. i know that easier said than done. if i had the power to have severe acne for the rest of my life to save my ex-girlfriend from cancer, i would do it in a heart beat. life is so unfair. you have to re
  10. i remember reading somewhere on here using jabobo oil to help remove the flakes by rubbing and massaging it on your skin. the jojoba oil is suppose to loosen up the flakes so it would come right off. you should give this a try.
  11. i think your on to something here. spinning out of control and getting nauseous might trick the brain into decreasing our hormone. then again, i talking out of my ass hole. lol. this stuff is ridiculously. lol.
  12. CeraVe the way to go here. Its super light moisturizer that does not leave the skin shiny in the tiniest bit, but strong enough to moisturizer your face with a light good feeling. I never tried Cetaphil because i heard it leave you feeling kinda greasy after applying it. Read the reviews, its highly recommended.
  13. i would highly recommend CeraVe as a moisturizer. I use with it over dan's moisturizer in the regimen. one the best moisturizer i ever used. i heard the cetaphil moisturizer makes you feel greasy afterward. CeraVe not greasy what so ever. Give it a try, you'll love it.
  14. i really dont like the moisturizer or the cleanser when i bought the dan's kit. but i highly recommend the 2.5% BP though. You can always substitute the cleanser and moisturizer. Just be sure to buy the 16 oz BP because that the main key to the regimen. You have to use a lot. I mean A LOT of BP for this regimen to work. So far I'm a month into the regimen is finally to really start clearing up with hardly any new breakout. The only bad thing i dont like is the drying the BP does to my skins and