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  1. I sometimes like girls with acne more because they are going through a time i went through as well and i feel we have something in common
  2. For about 2 months i scrubbed the hell out of my face with the hardest sharpest sand/cleaner i could find and thought to myself, "it's not like i can clean my face too much, right?". About a month later of taking progress pictures i realized i was actually getting way worse. That's when i found this site and saw that irritation wasn't good at all.... Sooo that's my story. I'm on Accutane now though because it never went away after.
  3. Hey Tyler... I'm Val

    Keep ur hopes up ur face be better & u'll be handsome again in the end on Accutane, Now i'm in my 4th month & my skin is healing well.

    Cheers & take Care! ;)

  4. This is me. Not now. But 1-2 Year(s) ago. It's what i look like without acne, and my goal to go back to.
  5. Hahaha same here. Alright here goes. SCHOOL: Algebra 2 class - THRICE going to second period - Architects 3-4 period - The Fall of Troy 5-6 period - Bring Me the Horizon (new stuff) and The Number Twelve Looks Like You Driving Home: PROTEST THE HERO Home: The Dear Hunter Mineral The Gloria Record Circa Survive Since my life pretty much sucks with acne i felt i'd post the whole day. There you go. My passion in a nutshell.
  6. Tyler_Carlsen

    Me. Acne.

    Me like a month before April 4, 2009