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  1. So I've been a regimine user for several years now. I just ran out of my old BP a few weeks ago and the past week have been using my new bottle (says batch lot is 2275) on the bottom. Anyway my problem is that this new BP bottle seems to sting and irritate my face the entire time it's on. I've kept all other factors the same as previous irritation free months and haven't had a problem till the new bottle started being used. Around the second day of using the new stuff it started causing
  2. OK so my question is kinda complicated. I started ordering the large BP bottles from Acne.org about a year ago. I still like using the regimine but these old bottles have gotten kinda hard to use lately. I can still feel that the bottle has plenty of BP about 20% BP left in it but no matter how often I hit the pump nothing comes out. I have to shake it up then sometimes I'll get it to pump a little bit out but not much. Eventually I have to start just unscrewing the pump, shaking the bot
  3. Just finished my large bottle of batch 9341 and ordered a new bottle yesterday in hopes of getting a good batch this time. The first two bottle I ever bought really kept me clear. This batch 9341 bottle though is very hit or miss despite following the same routine as always the past 2 years. I'm sti9ll greatful to the regimine for clearing me.... so greatful I'd like to get back onto it again with this next bottle. Hopefully these big red cysts on my face will be gone soon. Haven't had to deal
  4. Hello. The regimen is working out great for me so far. Unfortunately I got a few new pustules awhile ago due to the stress of exams and such. Mostly my fault... Improper applications... poor diet etc... Though using the regimen reduces my incidence of whiteheads and pustules tremendously it does not stop it 100% nor do I expect it to do that. I have noticed that a 2-3mm red mark caused by a pustule seems to linger on my face for months now with heavy BP usage as opposed to lingering just a few
  5. I had cystic flares for one moth after starting the reg I;m talking eraser sized blisters. Also had facial redness/flaking lasting as long as two months in some areas on my face despite being gentle and using moisture. After the two month burn in I normalized to the point where you can't even tell I used anything at all AND my acne has been reduced from moderate cystic to mild whiteheads. Stick with it! Only thing that worked for me after multiple antibiotics and even a run with accutane.
  6. I love the reg so far and have had very positive results. My question is... have their been any studies on the long term usage of hydrogen peroxide of this grade on the face? I'm worried about inducing premature aging and/or development skin cancer. Reduced ability to heal. My negative experience with accutane has left me emotionally paranoid about acne treatment side effects. One year regime Update: Well I've been using the regimen for what will be a year now come March. To make a long stor
  7. Yeah I still have scarring on my cheeks from getting bad outbreaks there from the ages of 21 till starting the regimen so I feel your pain. Just try sticking with it a bit longer and make sure you are following a twice a day routine of gentle clensing (I use only Cetaphil facewash and warm shower water rather than hot now), gentle pat drying, application, and moisturizing with no breaks or disruptions. I'm still clear to this day and I'm pretty sure it was the routine BP usage because I took a 4
  8. So vitamind D or getting a good suntan every so often will halp counteract whatever accutane is doing to my joints right now?
  9. Thank you for your posts. Ill make sure I dont take fish oil and stick with my Flexamin CHondr/HA supplements. Sheefa my email address is [email protected] if you could email me that report I would love to read all I can about Accutane's effect on joints. It was very encouraging to hear that my dose was pretty mild and I have a good chance of recovering from whatever this is that I am going through. Funny enough... I recently I have been fully cleared of acne by following the BP regimen here
  10. Well I'll be honest with you I had a terrible reaction to the regimen the entire first month (well it was more like 40 days or so). Here's the whole deal. I have some scarring from my up and down bouts with Mino, Doxy, Retina-A over the years nothing worked long term (I'm 28 been fighting acne since I was around 14). Mino had little effect and wrecked my GI tract. Doxy was easy on my GI tract despite intense stomach cramps and it worked almost 6 months then came roaring back as the bacteria bec
  11. and another update since it's been a month. Still breakout free! I'm trying out some methods recommended to me by other users to reduce red marks and old scars. It's having a positive effect but that's icing on the cake at this point! I did have a single small white head mysteriously form on the inside of a nostril.... !? That's a first for me. It seems like the bacteria has nowhere left to hide other than the farthest reaches of my face that the BP doesn't touch. Not a day goes by that I don'
  12. Hi Sheefa, I had joint pains while on 40mg accutane once per day for one month and 10 days. I'm a 28 year old male that weighs 175lb (79.4 kg) I discontinued due to the side effects. The aching went away then came back a few months later with a vengence despite perfect knee health in the past. No injuries... no strains etc. The only factor that kept popping into my mind was the joint pain I felt on Accutane. I noticed you said the drug shuts doing our own hyaluronic acid synthesis. Do you kno
  13. Well since it looks like there isn't a guinea pig on this yet I'll give my input. I've been using the steam room just as a stress relaxer every other week the past couple months. I haven't had a breakout yet despite it's use and the regimine is continuing to work normally. I will say though that I hit the steam room in the morning and shower immediately after that to wash the sweat off. Then I do my first BP application for the day.
  14. OK so I have a feeling there are quite a few Accutane experts on this board who have done far mor meaningful research on this topic than myself considering the prevalence of joint side effects that Accutane usage has. Here's my deal. I'm a 28 year old male. I weigh 175lbs (79.55 kg) and was placed on 40mg Accutane once per day. I was on Accutane from January 14th 2009 till Februrary 25th 2009. So I was taking the drug for 43 days total. I discontinued use because I couldn't handle the extreme
  15. Hello, Just wanted to say that after a month and a half on the regimine now I am very pleased with the results. I initially had a really bad break out with several eraser head sized red cysts that formed on my forehead cheeks and chin during my first two weeks of treatment. After that initial phase those cysts shrank and began to fade. I have only had three or four very VERY tiny pimples since then that came and went within the span of a single day. After I gave up Accutane due to fear of the