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  1. Alright, so my face is quite clear now. Im off accutane and everythings just fine and dandy besides a few shallow scars that I'm gonna get treated later onn but anyways I have quite a few white areas under the skin (which me and my derm believe to be large deposits of milia) They are white non-inflamed areas about the size of an eraser or less. It doesn't hurt, its not at all inflamed or anything, but what bothers me is not only the unsightly appearance, but there is like a giant pore where its
  2. i just discovered a picture of the guy who LOOKS to have almost perfect skin. well under the wrong lighting look "http://www.celebutopia.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/26561_mfoxcelebutopia1_122_122lo.jpg" its kind of encouraging to know that there are people like us who have made it, and who are sought after. Shit, his scars are worse than mine!
  3. Is it SSRIs or MAOIs that you'd be going on?
  4. Acne scars of all kinds suck, but at least it's raised scarring which is easier to correct and can be completely normallized! also be thankful its on ur back and not ur face. I wish you all the luck in the world!!
  5. Your skin has really improved! Congratulations! Let me know if you get that Re:pair
  6. I would use something on the cyst to bring to inflammation down, because thats the part of it that lingers and could cause scarring. The infection however is much harder to treat and is deeply rooted inside the inflammation. Try using a topical anti-inflammatory as a spot treatment several times per day. Good luck!
  7. Sadly the 2 cysts I got injected came back during accutane. but it's different for everyone.
  8. Well, today I decided to check my old myspace pictures. What i found brings me great devastation. I took my old life so much for granted. I complained about the littlest zits and imperfections. I looked at my photo comments and i have 20 from the girls at my school saying how good looking i WAS. Now i dont get any of that. My friends and family think its my attitude, but I say otherwise. Acne has ruined me. I know it sounds all dramatic and doom and gloom but even as a male this has torn down my
  9. i second that. i had to go on accutane because of what a retinoid (RETIN-A) did to me! i know accutane is a derivitive of retin-a but it worked much better. all i know is retin-a gave me some of my first scars. my best advice is try an anti-inflammitory diet. im 3 months post and i am starting to break out but the zits i get are tiny and painless due to the lack of inflammation in my body. research it, and its worth a try.
  10. at the hands of an experienced surgeon, there should be no scarring with dermabrasion.
  11. ugh well this sucks to write for anyone. bad scarring or light scarring alike it is one of the most horrible tragedies that i think we have to deal with as far as our looks. doesnt help im in high school where people are constantly judging and care about their appearances so much. and girls these days dont seem to look at me the same way they did last year :[[ well my acne slowly started getting out of control, and long story short i used about every retinoid and dermatologist recommended produ