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  1. thanks. i've just resigned from my job. it's one of the onging process of eliminating stress from my life. stress and hormone. just had a surgery to drain the pus from a huge cyst. really huge cyst. i hope accutane works too cos i'm completely at a loss how to deal with it with medicine.

  2. Thought I would say hello. Your post sounds similar to my life. I to had really painful cysts at Christmas and my professional life is dealing with many people each day.All I can say is that people are sympathetic and they see the true person inside and not just at face value. I hope the accutane works for you, just may need a little longer.

    Good luck.

  3. I am 39 going 40 this year. Had been battling with acne since early 20s. Finally had clear skin about 2 years back. Was looking forward to hit the big 40 until last year when my acne trouble started again. This time round is the worse of all. Big, inflammed cystic acne and still battling it.
  4. i've had corticosteriods shots on large cystic acne. The swell subsided after a couple of days. However, my experience is it'll recurr after one month. I'm into my 3rd demertologists and still battling it after 6 months since the eruption of my cycstic acne
  5. hi, i'm diane35 user for a couple of years until i took off for 2 years. most of the 2 years, my skin was clear and the last thing on my mind was how to prevent aging. i'm 39 going on 40. last july, realised my skin getting oily with ocassional pimple/nodules since i took on a new & stressful job in may. i became pregnant and did a TOP in oct. after that, i suffered and still suffering from big inflammed serverd deep cystic. been to 3 dermatologists and it seems to get worse! So my advice i
  6. i am glad to find this site. almost wondering if i'm the only one in this planet earth battling with hormonal cystic ance. i'm 39 going on 40 and have been battling with acne most of my life. like everyone else, i've used topical cream, antibiotics, laser treatment and BC. the cream & antibiotics worked for me in my mid 20's. had clear skin for a couple of years until mid 30's. started on the same topical cream & antibiotics but this time around didn't seem to work, demertologist recom
  7. peace2823

    At my wit's end

    i am at my wit's end indefinitely. since the onset of servere cystic acne 5 months, i've seen three determatologists!! and it seems to get worse!! it is definitely demoralising and detrimental to our lifestyle as acne sufferers. i have almost zero social life now and i have to face the challenges of my colleages wondering what has happened to me? everyday is like a battle to face my colleages. i just wished i can go on a long long vacation. why has no one invented a complete makeover / hiber
  8. hi, i'm 39 going on 40. i had adult acne since mid 20's, on expensive products, then antibiotics and finally BC diane 35. i had clear skin most of my 30's until i stopped BC for almost two years. mid of 08, i find my face getting oily and occasional breakouts. i should have got on BC again. before i could do that, i became pregant and i had an operation TOP. afterthat, the hormones just have to do its thing. i had the worst cystic acne!! i'm battling it for the 5th month now with accutane and it
  9. good luck. we need to persevere while on accutane. do not give up even if it flares up initially. hang on there.
  10. hi all i am 39 going on 40. been battling with pimple/acne for most of my adult life from mid 20's products/treatmens from beauty salons, long term intensive antibiotics treatment, finally BC Diane 35 to have a clear face in my 30's. stopped BC for a year, realised face became oily but ignore it as face is still clear with ocasional breakout until TOP. now battling the most servere form of acne - cystic acne. started BC pills Diane 35 in oct 08. 1st dermatologist prescribe antibiotics,