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  1. I just recently turned 21 last month so I'm still enjoying myself. I drink probably 2 times a week. I haven't had a hangover just because I've stayed up until I was sober so I couldn't say how the hangover differed. But I also tan everyday. I just lowered my time since I'm more sensitive due to the Accutane. I think as long as you take precautions and expect your body to react differently, your accutane course isn't that uncomfortable.
  2. I use cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer. I LOVE the moisturizer. I also use Blistex ALL day. I have tons of them all over the place so they're always within reach. I only have facial acne so body acne has never been a concern for me so all I changed in the shower was to a body wash that was moisturizing. I use St. Ive's Vitamin E body wash now.
  3. I'll own up. I've had some issues. I don't have a gallbladder so this NEVER used to be a problem for me but I've increased the amount of fiber I eat and it's been helping a bit. I recommend the Fiber One bars...they actually taste really yummy and it's a good amount of fiber without making you feel icky.
  4. You took the words right out of my mouth! That is my exact problem too. I also have really bad problems with my feet at the moment. If I've sat for too long then get up to walk, it's like I can't put my weight on the entirety of my feet. Like I ran 10 miles and took a nap or something.