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  1. Did a one year cycle three years ago, hope to give inspiration to any one going through the hell that I did. MORAL OF THE STORY : TAN SUN AND VITAMIN D DONT EAT LIKE A FOOL EXERCISE IS GOOD GET A DERMATOLOGIST If you have acne, go to a damn dermatologist and do work,! There are ways to make it go away I don't care how bad it is! Don't put it off make your appointment ASAP and get your happy ass down there. GO to a DERMATOLIGIST! I spent hundreds of hours looking for diets and
  2. Started Accutane January 28 2009. Ive had acne for about 3 1/2 years. First picture is taken on 5 apr, 2009 sun. week 9 of accutane
  3. Burts Bees chapstick worked for me that stuff is amazing
  4. Dermatologists can piss you off quite often i know. but that one time they give you what you want and need and it WORKS. youll learn to love them. your skin is different and uinque. persevere and it will pay off. i remember feeling liek my acne WOULDNT and COULDNT go away, like there wasnt a treatment for what i had, but there was after much searching. i used to put my hair in my face and stay in the shadows but it took confidence to say no! got my hair out of my face and went and got some SUN!
  5. scotybg

    Acne journey is OVER!

    Took Accutane for 6 months and here about 5 months later i couldnt be happier with my skin. dont let it get to you, there is a solution that works for you!
  6. oh hey there =]

    1. hey buddy :)

      1. I have been exercising about an hour a day just to keep in shape but I dont want to risk it at this point so I just keep to a minimum.