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  1. not going to do the long depressing introduction - just trying to stay positive here. haven't been here since my accutane days (which, tane really helped but i did relapse - but nowhere near as bad as pre-tane) anyway, here's the constant* that i have found that keeps my skin the clearest: i work out 3-4 times a week, AT LEAST. i know this may be hard for some, but trust me this is very important. i've noticed when i'm working out 1 or 2 times a week, or not at all, my skin is worse. wor
  2. Day 68 So, a week away from the half way point? Awesome. Skin looks okay today, still some spots but better than it looked this weekend. Which sucks, I had a wedding to go to this wedding and was around a ton of people I haven't seen in years, and I thought everyone was looking at my skin - which they might have been, considering my lips looked bright red and my face looked dry and tight. Whatever, fuck it, another day/weekend comes and goes and I'm that much closer to clear skin forever!
  3. Day 64 Skin: Um, like 2 spots on each side of my face, a spot on my neck, a spot on my forehead, a spot above the left part of my lip. Something a little different happened today, I had two big white heads come up. Derm Appt Today: Tri's are still up, but nothing crazy high like they were when the derm almost cut me off. Other than that, hard to find out much info from your derm when she only comes in the room for 3 minutes. Wait did I say 3? That would be an extreme exaggeration ac
  4. Day 63 Skin: Slowly getting better, still? Who knows, one day it can look great, the next, terrible. Or hell, it can look good in the morning and terrible later that day. 2 months in now, isn't this when things really heal up? Hope so. Nothing crazy going on on my face right now, just a few random spots, the bigger of which popped up THIS F*CKING WEEKEND!!! Why is it that every time I go some where on a little mini trip, my face breaks out. It's like automatic. I was gone for 3 ni
  5. Day 57 Hmmph. What a roller coaster. Day before yesterday things were looking great, yesterday I had a few little spots pop up, then today everything is looking better again. CRAZY! Anyway, no new spots today, but one of the ones that popped up on my left temple is kinda scabbing over and getting a little bigger I guess. No big deal. Face feels good, I've used aquaphor as my nighttime moisturizer for the 4th night in a row, and I think that's really helping with the overall dryness. Yeah
  6. Carmelle, my skin is starting to clear up pretty well - but now I have some reddish spots left behind. I know you've said something about using olive oil, so I wanted to try that. Do I need to buy special olive oil, or can I just put regular virgin olive oil in with my moisturizer/aquaphor?
  7. Day 56 Woofuckinghoo. Yesterday my skin looked the clearest it has in a long long time, then today I wake up at I have 3 new spots on the left side of my face. Yay. Fuck it, not going to cry about it or anything, I just wish these little setbacks wouldn't keep popping up. Which gets me thinking again, why does accutane make your skin worse, then better, then worse, then better etc etc etc...?? It's like, I can't think of any other medicine I've ever taken where I like, get more sick
  8. Day 55 So, 20 Days away from half way done? Can I say that? Whatever, it kind of keeps me motivated to think of how far I've came. Skin: Probably the clearest my skin has been in years. My face is really starting to clear up, it's awesome. I really wonder what it would look like if I didn't have some minor scarring/red marks leftover. Which reminds me, if anyone knows of any good way to get rid of the red marks/scarring, holler at your boy!!! I'm considering olive oil, but I'm not su
  9. CARMELLE!! Your skin looks beautiful!! It really is amazing..
  10. Liz, there is a formula that most dermatologists use to determine what amount of accutane you should be taking. It sounds like you're on a very high dosage for your size/weight. I weigh 185 pounds and I'm taking (2) 40mg pills a day, for a total of 80mg a day. You might want to mention something to your doc, maybe say you've been researching and your dose seems high!! Good luck with your course!!!
  11. Day 54 I suck. I need to update this log more, but I've been too busy (lazy) to update lately. It seems like this forum fills up with those who are starting out their accutane treatments, then it filters out and there are only a handful of people that actually keep up with their logs after the first month or so. I don't want to be one of those people that just disappears, I want to be somewhat of an inspiration to those who are starting out. So yeah, I'm gonna do my best to at least update
  12. Day 48/49 Well, the roller coaster continues... Skin looks pretty bad today, probably the worst it has looked in a couple weeks, or maybe even since the end of the initial breakout. Can't say that I'm extremely pissed off or anything, because I know this is part of the course, but fuck why can't it just gradually get clearer and clearer - why do we have to have random breakouts along the way?! A huge cyst randomly popped up on my neck, and my forehead has been breaking out - which is weird,
  13. Day 47 Wowowowow almost 1/3 done!! Sorry for the lack of updates, I actually think I missed about 10 straight days! But I can explain!! So last Friday (like 8 or 9 days ago or whatever) we had a CRAZY inland hurricane in Southern Illinois.. it was insane. Pretty much like a tornado, we had 100mph winds and it tore up our town pretty bad. Trees and power lines down everywhere, we were without power for 6 days. So anyway, instead of sticking around here and camping out in a powerless apa