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  1. If you're living in Hong Kong, and taking Accutane, please mail me at [email protected]
  2. Day 24 (I think) Well... it seems to me like it is pretty much like last time I posted. I have one pimple between my upper lip and nose, but it's pretty small though (can't really see it unless you're close up). I have some red spots and the scars are kinda rosy. However, my skin have been EXTREMELY oily the last week! I've used almost a full pack of blotting paper just this week Hope it will stop soon. But my skin is definately getting better!
  3. Day 13 Well... I almost don't have any on for forehead... and I used to have most zits there. Overall, my face has improved VERY much since I started though I'm fearing that I will get a breakout soon. I haven't experienced the major breakout people usually get when they're on retin-a... rather it has gotten gradually better with a occational new pimple here and there. But they disappear very fast again. The scars seems to get much better too... they used to be pinkish but now they have normal
  4. What you should remember is that it takes approx 3 months for a pimple to form... don't give up... be patient :wink:
  5. Thanks for your input Though I'm not using moisturizer after I've applied retin-a in the nite... I only use the moisturizer during daytime to prevent too much flaking.
  6. Day 7. Actually 8, but since I started so late on tuesday last week I decided to kinda forget that day... As you can see, I applied the retin-a two times a day in the beginning... I stopped that after the 3rd day and had one day break before I started using it before bed only. My face is a lot better than the day I started but it seems like my face is gonna fall off any moment... flaking. I guess I should expect my face to get bad again any time soon... at least from what I see in the other s
  7. Sounds like a lot of fun... :roll: My skin is so dry, that it hurts bigtime to put on moisturizer!!
  8. Day 3... Man this is a bad day... My face is really flaky and dry. I didn't put on anything last nite and not this morning either. I have been using TONS of moisturizer, and I even bring it to work today. However, my face is better but I think that is normal healing and not because of retin-a. It is so embarrassing to go to work when your face is like this... it seems like it's gonna fall off any moment Oh well... hopefully it will be better by tonite.
  9. Thanks for your advice. I'll go for nite only then. I've ready your posts, and it seems very good. I have actually been on retin-a before, and it did clear up my face pretty well. I guess I should never have stopped. Anyway.... this is the next morning after I started. No difference I would say. I think I will refer this day to as day 1.
  10. Hello everyone. I'm starting with retin-a (0,1%) today, and thought I could post here once in a while to so everyone can see how things are going/ I have a mild/moderate acne. Mixed skin (oily and dry at the same time). I'm unsure if I should apply the retin-a one or two times a day. I bought the retin-a prescription free (in Macau, close to Hong Kong. I'm a european living in Hong Kong). I also bought C&C Foaming Facial Wash and Nivea Moisturising Fluid. This is what I intend to do... M