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  1. How new is this treatment? will it bring the same results as dermabrasion if you do more treatments? I live in the netherlands but can't find anything about Fraxel is this a very new treatment? ok thanks for youre answers oh yeah if you have ice picks and do punch floats and then the fraxel....how about this?
  2. The process creates less scarring and stronger skin," she says. (article fiona) so we have already scars......don't think this will help
  3. thanks all for you answers...so you can say if you have ice picks and dr y does punch floats or exercision with dermabrasion you can't see the holes anymore?
  4. I was thinking.....if i.e. dr Y does punch floats on ice picks and then do dermabrasion how much improvement will you have....i think if you do punch floats you make it to the surface so you have 100% improvement.... somebody knows?
  5. mrb23


    ok thanks for your answers....my scars aren't really bad but i have only some ice picks and when i look in the mirror from a long distance then it's ugly to see... also what i hate is when i talk with people and they see my scars the feel over their own skin with their hands that's making me depressed.....
  6. will it help to take anti depressive pills maybe then we do not think about the scars and see more the goods in life someone experience with this?
  7. i think this is a good question i want also know ....say you have all types of scars...and you do let say 8 dermabrasions how you must have 80% improvement i think If you have money and time enough i think you can get very high improvement does anybody know a answer for this question? maybe oldguy or tamara? let say 4 dermabrasions how much improvement ?
  8. Are you people all from America or are there people who go to meet dr Y outside usa...i'm from The Netherlands and it's for me a really trip to go there.... Here you have very much people who can do dermabrasion but i don't know if they are similar to Dr Y. Question: for dermabrasion do you need a really professional ? it's only dr Y are there more dr's maybe you know in The Netherlands who are really good? pfff i don't know what to do
  9. when is the pink colour really gone and you have normal skin after dermabrasion i mean really gone so totally gone ........i know it's difference between people but can anyone give a anwser for about when ....1 year? 2 years? iám a men so don't use makeup for covering
  10. mrb23


    Hi i smoke a lot of cigarettes ....are there people who quit smoking and looks your skin much better ? does stop smoking also your scars look better?
  11. ok...thanks for answering i think we are very close to much better treatment as we are now have...time we tell........
  12. Hi what do you folks think about the future ...... Do you think maybe over 3 years or so the treatments are much better than now? I think because of isolagen theory i think if you can make your own cells grow then about a couple of years they can much more .... Just want your meaning about the future of scar treatments