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  1. Day 136 I'm sorry for not replying to this in a while. I was vacationing in florida for a while, so I didn't have a chance to use the computer. But I'll go through an overview of everything that has happened. For one week I went camping and couldn't use my regimen so I ended up getting a bad breakout. Now I'm back and my skin looks better. I went to see the dermatologist today and he said I know longer need follow up appointments. So I guess I'm good
  2. Day 107 The pimple on my forehead is a scab now. Nothing else has changed.
  3. I get the same thing. It won't let me do anything, though.
  4. Day 105 The pimple on my forehead has reduced in size. And it doesn't hurt anymore. I've started using the toner again, and my skin is feeling really soft today!
  5. I payed $35 on aczone. The rest was covered by my insurance. Aczone has been a miracle on my skin, it's amazing. Every time I'd get a big pimple, it would dry up in at least 5 days. I believe there is 30 Grams in a tube, right?
  6. Day 102 Today I woke up with a big, painful pimple on the right side of my forehead. It's super red and painful to the touch. This was the first time in 1 month that I had to use cover up I don't know how I got this pimple, because my skin was perfectly clear! Now that I think about it, I have been skipping the glycolic toner for a few days now because my skin was starting to become dry and flaky. And it stung when I put my stuff on my face.
  7. The website itself doesn't look well put together at all, and that just reeks scam! It looks exactly like the type of website for that scam "acne free in 3 days". Stupid testimonials, "my life story how I created this revolutionary product! I paid this much.. you get it for this much... blah blah", and FAQ. Just by looking at how the website is put together. You can tell it's a scam, it's not well organized at all!
  8. I've been making new smoothies every morning now that summer has come. I've tried lots of different recipes, some better than others (the first one I made- yuck!!! ) But I think the key to making a good smoothie is picking fruits that work well together. Like berries put together, apples and pears, bananas and strawberries, etc. The first one I made had spinach, an apple, banana, and mango- nasty! It turned brown after a few seconds.. very gross. This is my favorite smoothie so far, I'd say it
  9. I had the same experience. I had my teeth pulled out in March, and my face was 100% clear for the week I was on amoxicillin and roxicet. Even after getting them pulled, my face looked clear. I had deep IV sedation and laughing gas when I got mine pulled out.. I think it might be the antibiotics given.
  10. Day 99 The pimple on my forehead dried up and is now gone. I have only 4 pimples on my face and they are little flesh colored bumps. So it's all good I'd say my skin is now 95% clear!
  11. There are some reviews of it here... http://makeupalley.com/product/showreview....ce/Moisturizers
  12. Ughh I hate both commercials. The proactive commercials- this is what really ticks me off. When they show the celebrities "washing their face" and "putting on the toner" they have makeup on! Their face is perfectly air brushed and flawless. Who are they trying to kid? And their "real people with real acne" that give the testimonials in the commercial- I swear I've seen them in about 4 other commercials for different products. Proactive sucks anyway. Whenever I go to the mall they have those stu
  13. The thing is, I talked to my dermatologist before it. He said I'm going to have the continue this regimen for maybe about 6 more months, because my acne is purely hormonal and he thinks I'm going to grow out of it soon. After those 6 months he's going to give me other stuff that will help prevent more acne. I'm surprised too, but my low dose of doxy was only given so I don't get any big pimples that will cause scarring. I rarely do get those kinds of pimples, because my acne is mostly non-inflam
  14. Day 95 Status: 90% clear I only have 7 pimples on my face. They are just little bumps, and aren't noticeable at all. I am so freaken happy right now. Although I do have to continue with my regimen for a couple more months, I know by my next follow up appointment (in August) that I will most likely be clear. I still have some redmarks on my face, though- and i want to get rid of this excess oily skin. But overall, my skin is almost clear!
  15. Day 94 - Month 3 A couple days ago, I got a big whitehead on my forehead. It's cleared up now though, luckily. My left cheek has been extremely dry, so I've been putting more moisturizer on that side. It's still dry today, and really flaky. I'm almost out of my tube of mositurizer so I think it might be time to get a new bottle/tube. I still have some left, though. I'm defiantly going to buy it again, though. I love this stuff- it's working amazingly! My skin looks very clear today, and most of