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  1. Since dairy is known to be a common trigger for acne, I wanted to ask those whose acne IS affected by SOME dairy: do all dairy products act equally, as far as aggravating your acne? So, for instance, milk triggers acne but cheese doesn't, yogurt does but heavy cream doesn't, etc? Just trying to see if there's a pattern of which dairy products are worse for people
  2. I use the Jason Vitamin E Beauty Oil in 5000IU and my skin loves it. My skin is pretty well-balanced so about 2 drops is plenty for me. If your skin is dry maybe add a few more. It gives a nice dewy glow. I also combine it with jojoba oil, but alone it works very well. Just start slow with it, and make sure you rub it in completely Good luck!
  3. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I appreciate your help!
  4. I'm looking for some tips to cleanse/detox the body -- without fasting or anything and not really in terms of colon cleansing... more like blood/liver/general detox/cleansing. Looking for supplements, herbs, foods, etc. Anything natural and effective. Thanks so much!
  5. My diet is pretty healthy: plant-based, lots of fruits and veggies, minimal dairy (butter & some cheese), almost no sugar, no junk foods or preservatives, etc. (I've seen quite a difference in the acne I used to get from eliminating dairy and excess sugar) Generally, my acne is pretty well under control. That is, until about a week before "the curse" (time of the month), when it will start freaking out and I get several blemishes along my jaw line and cheeks. (This will usually only last a