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  1. Hi Renie; welcome to the board..

    1. I think BPO was substanially reformulated in the 1970s to make it a better treatment method for acne. I believe Dr. James Fulton (who also co-developed Retin-A gel) was one of the doctors who developed the new formulation that is still being used today. I'll see if I can find more info on its earlier use. Not sure what "day" you are talking about, but my Dad is 69, and according to him and also my mother, he had horrible acne on his face, upper chest, and shoulders. Being a teenager in
    2. Currently, I wash with Aveeno Ultra Calming foaming cleanser, both night & morning. My moisturizer is Purpose with SPF. At night, I wash with the Aveeno again, apply my eye cream and neck cream and 'rest' for a while before applying the Retin A. I don't apply anything AFTER the Retin A. Several years ago I had good results with the Murad line. It has salicylic acid, as well as some other acids in both the cleanser and the toner. Would this be a bad idea to use right now while I am on t
    3. I am a popper and see no correlation between my popping and the few scars I have. I always pop "garden variety" zits...blackheads, whiteheads, etc. I've had cysts that I've picked and not scarred. I only have 3 or 4 tiny pin-prick scars and they are from severe cysts that lasted forever and ever. They were the kind that were huge & red & sore, and I left them alone, let them 'dry out' only to be left with a smaller zit with a hard core underneath. The core came out easily, but left a
    4. I hate the hard peely mess (even though I know its purpose is to protect & heal) because it is a BITCH to put makeup on. Makeup just cakes in all the crusty layers and looks worse than ever. Thank goodness I found the Bare Mineral makeup.
    5. This may be kinda harsh, but heat some salt water and dip your washcloth in that and use as a compress just on the cyst. Salt help to draw things out too....just like when you exercise & sweat really hard. Kind of the same effect.
    6. Interesting. I never thought about that. that could be my problem.. i only use water. but if it itches SOMETIMES when i put some alcohol wipes it feels better I came to that conclusion because everytime they itch, they get filled with puss and come to a head. When they don't itch, they never come to a head or get puss. The itch must be a result of the immune response to whatever the problem is. Puss is a result of white blood cells and toxins that die off in battle. I agree....the o
    7. I'm no tv show producer, but I think it would be great to show people in all ages/phases of life who suffer from acne. Most people who don't suffer from it think it's purely an adolescent issue. but those of us who are more experienced (i.e. OLDER) know that's not the case! I'm 39 and have cystic acne, but am in treatment...not there yet, but getting sooo much better.
    8. My most recent cystic "infestation" has been comprised of cysts exactly like this. They don't ever come to a head. Thsi is hard for me cuz I'm a popper too! But I've learned that trying to squeeze these is a no-go. I also have the situation, after a while, where the clear stuff comes out and a little string-looking thing in the middle of it. This usually happens after the cyst has gone down and isn't so inflamed & angry, and it's a super-hard thing under the skin. I've also noticed tha