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  1. My advice to you would be to get a gentle facial cleanser and go to a dermatologist for a topical retinoid. My sister and I were prescribed Stevamycin and although it worked well for her because she doesn't wear makeup it didn't work too well for me because I would put it on during the night and wear makeup during the day so the makeup would counteract the effect of Stevamycin and clog my pores. Your a guy and don't wear makeup so I think it would work really well for you! Its cheap too, I live
  2. I use Rimmel 16hr Lasting Liquid Foundation when I work and it's not too bad... Make sure you use a finishing powder with it though if you like a matte look instead of dewy. I don't use a concealer with it because its gives great coverage
  3. I'm glad you girls like it! I love it but now that its summer here (I live in Ontario, Canada) the past couple weeks have been SO humid and sticky and hot and I don't like the sweat/oil mixing with the foundation cause it makes my skin feel like it can't breathe! Also getting it out of the container is hard haha but I might take LKphoto's advice and buy a pump and maybe dilute the foundation with moisturizer to make it lighter cause lydzxxxx said the double wear light is crap and I would rather
  4. Angel07 - I definately recommend the Revlon Colorstay its wonderful! I shower at night and something i don't do a very good job washing it off on purpose so there is just a smudge of color along the lashline and I just throw on mascara for a supernatural look thats easy! Maddy001 - That business card thing is so cool! I've never heard of it, I'm gunna try that today! Thanks for the tip girl:)
  5. MadeUpMelly - I totally agree with the moisturizer before foundation thing! If I don't put it on my skin gets crackly (is that a word?) and gross LaLaaLove - I've never tried BareMinerals but I havent heard nice things about it... I had no idea about the bismuth...definitely avoiding it from now on!!
  6. Angel07 that so great! I'm glad you like it! You prolly look gorgeous in it:) Is the bronzer good? I haven't tried it but it looks really nice! That must have been an expensive trip:P Did you try the Double Wear Light out at all?
  7. Girls, I wanted to start this post so from our experiences with makeup (and we have had lots lol) we could recommend to each other our favorite makeup product or tip to others or list a product or tip that you have used that was horrible! Mine would be: Best makeup product - Revlon Colorstay Eye Liner (it lasts SO long, I work in a long-term care facility as a PSW for a summer job and it doesn't budge ever and goes on nice and smooth!) Worse makeup product - Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foun
  8. xLKphotox - Hey girl:) Thats great that DW works for you! How thick do you put it on? Because I like it i just wish it wasn't so heavy on those hot humid days where your skin feels like it can't breathe! Lol, any tips would be greatly appreciated! Angel07 - I hate mineral makeup too! I find theres only a select few skin types that it's flattering on... apparently my skin and yours aren't one of them Let us know how it goes!
  9. Thanks for the advice girl! I'll try mixing moisturizer with it Hope it works for your sister if she tries it... it sure is a life saver for me. As for the foundation... keep me posted on what works and what doesn't work. Together hopefully we can find the perfect foundation because i'm sick of products hat don't work Best of luck!
  10. wwfasd? - That sounds extremely frustrating! What sucks the most about acne is that everyones skin is different and different things work for different people. Its all the trial and error that is EXHAUSTING, getting your hopes up for a new product or regimen... and it not working or worse making your acne worse! I've just pretty much decided that derms are douchebags and I've written them off:P I want clear skin by august too because I'm in uni and moving in with five other girls and I hate my
  11. I DO know what you guys mean. Getting up I hate going to the mirror or touching my face because I don't want there to be another pimple or mark. It sucks when people try to make you feel better by saying oh its not that bad. I just wanna be like shut up it is and your just saying that cause you have to! Ahhh... what i would do for clear skin. P.S. - Soulless01 venting is just talking about whatever is bothering or upsetting you
  12. Yea its weird liquid foundations make my skin less oily for whatever reason. If you have oily skin and your skin can tolerate it, you can put vinegar diluted with 50% water on your t-zone area and let it dry before you put your moisturizer on. It REALLY helps control my oil, so it might help yours too! Plus it drys out pimples quickly! Rimmel doesn't break me out but sweating my butt off in the hospital does! I maybe have to blot once a day if I'm not working I really want to get Double Wear L
  13. I use the liquid form but there is a powder. I don't like powders because they look really unnatural and for my skin which is a little oily, don't stay on for long. I'm looking at the double wear light because I find its hard to apply the original double wear when your in a rush and its very thick and hard to get out of the bottle. Also, I don't have much acne anymore and don't need a lot of coverage. I've heard really good things about using the double wear concealer under the double wear light
  14. Double Wear (the original) has been around forever and is very thick and provides very full coverage and lasts forever. Double Wear Light is pretty recent and doesn't come in many shades and it provides less coverage but does last as long as the original. I've tried Double Wear and it doesn't make me breakout and from what I've read it doesn't cause breakouts on many other women. I wanna try the Double Wear Light but I'm afraid it won't provide the amount of coverage I'd like. Has anyone else tr
  15. The meanest thing anyone has ever said to me when I had a bad breakout was when i was in my senior year of high school... I was sitting at a cafeteria table with all of my friends and two of the guys (they were dumb popular jocks so thats my reason for not caring too much about it) said to the WHOLE table (we are talking at least twenty people here) "Hey! Sam has a butterface doesn't she!?" I held it in and went to the bathroom and then cried and cried. For anyone who doesn't know what a butter