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  1. Hey guys, I'm sure this is a thread that has been made plenty of times before, but I did a search and couldn't find any. After I got sunburned badly today, I've decided it's time to start wearing sunscreen. (I'd worn it a few times in the past after reading about the harmful UV rays of the sun but it always made my acne a lot worse so I stopped.) I want something that has all natural ingredients and won't aggravate acne, is absorbed by the skin (so it isn't visible), and is cruelty-free. As high
  2. Thanks for posting this, OP. I can't seem to find the regular Gold Bond Body Powder. It's all extra strength or medicated or extra comfort or medicated original strength... does it make any difference which one you use? Or should I just get some generic baby powder? Thanks...
  3. I'm convinced that people who say acne is no big deal have very mild cases of it. While there may be some people with cystic acne covering their face and neck which, let's be honest, people are going to notice and probably feel sick to their stomach when they see you, who can not care, I sincerely doubt it. My acne is better than it was before but I still remember how much it affected me every day of my life. Society DOES judge you based on how you look. It's sad but true... the way you look inf
  4. I thought it was implied that after the week is over the scarring is gone along with the acne.
  5. Are you joking? People with acne are discriminated against. I mean we are really HATED! People might not talk about it in front of you, but when I watch reality shows or read articles or Internet forums, if the topic of acne comes up, people are not afraid to completely degrade those with acne. It's really sick and I hate this. I feel so trapped and helpless and ugly and sometimes thinking about how this has affected my life for so many years I just want to kill myself.
  6. I love acne.org but to be honest I'd be too embarrassed to wear one.
  7. Definitely, of course. I'd hide away for the week like others mentioned. Clear skin for life for one week of horrible, horrible skin? Deal! Absolutely.
  8. Exactly. As someone who has suffered with acne since primary school (yes, primary school - as in 3rd grade) I have been asked plenty of times, "Why don't you just wash your face?" As if splashing some water on my face each day would get rid of acne alone, without any other products or lifestyle changes. I've also been made fun of a lot for it. In fourth grade there was an assignment to each pair up with a classmate and draw each other; the kid drew me with huge red dots all over my face. Imagine
  9. Hey there, ddzado. I'm a bit confused. Is your objection that I gave Accutane too much credit, or not enough?
  10. There are certain things that people have a lot more control over than their acne that are totally unacceptable to criticize. Like weight, for example. While there may be some people who honestly cannot get to a lower weight, it seems like most obese people aren't really trying. I often see an obese person having an extra slice of cake, and a skinny person not having any because they're "not hungry." I often see an obese person ordering a large drink, and a skinny person having "just water." And
  11. I know! I can't believe my skin has NO redness! You can actually see my REAL SKIN COLOR! It's between the zits but who cares? It's improving! YADADEEWHO!
  12. Update 7 My skin looks amazing! Redness = GONE. I still have zits, but no big ones, and no new ones. I am happy again!
  13. Update 6 My skin has definitely gotten worse recently. It's very inflamed and my zits look bigger/redder. I'm hoping this is just the "cleansing." The calm before the storm, so to speak. I'm starting a new regimen of Duac and Minocycline. I'm still continuing with the diet, though.
  14. Okay, I won't use that one then. Thank you for the links! I'm going to start adding in more B5 rich foods each day.
  15. Thanks ABG Fairy! I've stopped using the blow dryer. Currently I'm just changing my diet. I want to see how that goes for awhile. Soon I want to add in B5 supplements. At some point I might try this: http://www.acneisdead.com/acne/how-to-get-...et-rid-of-acne/ Has anyone used that one?