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  1. you make a good point, I'll remember that when i see a surgeon about multiple treatments. What scares me is that people say you have to wear spf for the rest of your life after doing a laser, which doesn't make sense. It could just be i read it on "real self" (website reviews), where mostly people who had bad experiences posted reviews. I don't understand how thats possible, i mean for the first couple months yeah, but for a lifetime? Oh and thanks for your posts dudley, I try very hard daily to
  2. Dudley, it's your money and your life so more power to you. Cosmetic surgery is contagious. I am getting chin lipo on Friday. I think it will give me another boost of confidence since getting my fraxel re:pair. By the way, do they give you anesthesia before getting the laser? I had only numbing cream and it hurt like none other.
  3. Dudley, great to hear you are doing well. I see you have added a couple more re:pairs. I may go for my 2nd finally. It's been 2.5 years since the first I take it you do your entire face each time. Any negatives from any of the four treatments? Also curious, what are you looking for with the facelift? -OL
  4. Two things I started taking recently are really working. Vitamin K cream is one. I was told to take this after I get the V-beam laser done to reduce swelling. Well I started using it prior to getting v-beam and it helps relieve redness. I read it is taken by those with rosacea. The other thing I am taking is propanolol. This was prescribed to me by my doctor after mentioning I get very red flushes when giving presentations. It keeps me from turning red and it actually helps relieve stage fright.
  5. I'm sorry, but I can't really shorten it for you. I really recommend reading it all because what may have been important to me may not be important to you. What I can tell you is that some people have found that lasers helped them while for others they did absolutely nothing. Also, some people have found that their accutane induced flushing virtually disappears while on anti malarials such as mepacrine, but you must remain taking the drugs as they don't cure the problem (at least not with sho
  6. Hey everyone... I have had a lot of redness (well pinkness, actually) since going on accutane 10 years ago. I flush really bad and my whole face gets really red way too often. I am going to try the v-beam laser in a couple weeks. I was wondering if anyone here has heard of it. Also, in short... without reading all the 35 pages on the thread what can I take away from all the advice given here? I see there is some good stuff here, just not sure what to do. Thank you much.
  7. I am going to have V Beam done (entire face) soon and have 2 options at different locations: 1) Get it done by a doctor using the old V-Beam for $600 2) Get it done by a RN using the new V-Beam Perfecta for $150 I am leaning towards using the RN and getting it done at a low setting so there is less harm (i.e. getting burned). When I asked where she would stop the laser she said she would do only cheeks and forehead (no jawline, sideburns/beard location, chin, etc) because it would create issue
  8. I had it with the other doctor in his office, DR Goff. 9 months post and pleased with results... like 30% improvement or so?? Bled the first day, no blisters ever, 1 small breakout, very dry skin, red for 10 days or so. It hurts but it should in my mind it should since getting scars off you skin was never supposed to be easy. Make sure he drugs you good, lol. Take care.
  9. In regards to price... - Full face and neck will cost a lot more (it is more common too) - Economic slowdowns can drop prices in anything - acne scarring requires 1-3 treatments so plan on coming back to spend more
  10. I have a review up now on realself.com You can find it at http://www.realself.com/review/fraxel-repa...g-forehead-only Hope it helps...
  11. Thank you for the compliments. I did not have high expectations going into the procedure so even if half of the results are given back over time then I will still be happy. Those with scars know, we are only hoping for an improvement. I am very pleased with the results. Helio, my doctor is in La Jolla (San Diego) and his name is Dr. Groff. If you call their office they can give you a quote. Price varies depending on if it's partial face or full face. I hope it works out for you. Self-confidence
  12. 1 Month Update Here is the before Fraxel Re:Repair and now 1 month post picture.
  13. Don't let yourself become depressed over that, you know you deserve better. The grass is always greener... Re:pair works by lasering little holes in your skin so when your skin heals it becomes tighter.
  14. No makeup for me, haha. I just put up with the redness for about 10 days and then after that the redness started to diminish. On the 6th day I went to a conference for a week in Florida where I didn't know anyone so I didn't care if anyone stared. Once in a while I would put a hat on to cover it up in large public places such as when I was at the airport.