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  1. What would a good snack be that is non-perishable and doesnt contain wheat/dairy/nuts? Ill be out of state and Ill need something to snack on while on the plane and for other reasons.
  2. You can take all of those items but still be consuming food that irritates your system, such as a food allergy. I cant eat wheat, gluten, yeast or garlic.
  3. Anyone else find that drinking alcohol breaks them out? Turned 21 and went out, had a great time (never drank before) and WOO did the breakout come on strong 1-2 weeks later (was clear as a whistle). After that cleared up, had some drinks at a party about a week back, and another breakout has come on strong again. Obviously Im going to avoid this, but is it because it taxes the liver so much?
  4. I get those same bumps, and I got my results back from the allergy test and it came back 0 for a salmon allergy, and all fish for that matter. I *bet* its the iodine.
  5. I had mine done at a Ear Nose and Throat center. The charge for the blood draw Im not sure, but the company (www.foodallergy.com) charges $150 but my insurance covered it.
  6. Highest on the list were the following items: Gluten (highest), Wheat, Corn, Coffee, and yeast. So obviously I avoid breads, etc like I have been. But damn, corn too? Ouch. Milk was lower on the scale but still on there. If Im looking to bulk now, what can I eat? LOL
  7. I just started taking Saw palmetto. Ill give it a couple months to kick in, and then Ill get into my leg workouts again. Trust me, 99% of people will see my face, not my legs, so yes I want clear skin.
  8. Like clockwork again, I left it be until last week. A week later, I have one cyst forming and a couple more zits. This is F'ing LAME!!!!! This doesnt make sense. Ejaculation or anything has no effect on my cheek what so ever. It is JUST when I workout my legs. I am NOT making this up, and its seriously irritating. Now I have to give up my leg workouts and get this crap cleared off my face.
  9. Do NOT exceed 3 grams in a day, you can cause internal bleeding.
  10. I have found that for sure Iodine breaks me out along my jawline/chin area. Ive been taking Omega 3 from Salmon and found it broke me out in that area. I tried Cod Liver oil, same thing. What else can I get my Omega 3 from? I hear flax isnt that great for omega 3, because it doesnt convert to DHT that well (or something). Thanks
  11. I buy my hommus by the tub there. $4.35 for a 2lb tub. Good bulking food
  12. My sister has started breaking out and I noticed she has a few sprouts under her chin, shes 22.