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  1. Hey thanks for the response. I can see that it is now changed back to 8.58, however I already bought my order with UPS Air, as UPS Mail Priority was not an option when I bought mine. is there any way I can change mine to UPS Mail Priority at 8.58 cause there is no way I can afford UPS Air. I just bought it because I needed the acne urgently and I thought there was no more UPS Mail Priority option.
  2. when did shipping prices get so high? They are usually 8.58 for UPS ground, but now its 14 for UPS ground, and for some odd reason, its even cheaper for UPS air 2-3 days (12). I dont get it lol. i know Daniel doesnt get any money from shipping, but did shipping (I live in CA) increase in price? not sure if I can afford this anymore. it might be a better option to buy BP off the shelves.
  3. Hey, I'm just wondering whats the worst possible light that will show your full acne scars to its fullest extent? Is it out in the sun? Office lights? In a building with the window open letting in sunlight? Dim light? etc, Thanks. I'm just curious thats all.
  4. I am in complete utter shock by the customer service Dan has gave me and others. He is sending me extra stuff, when all I expected was the 2 bottles of BP has ordered. By far, this is the best business I have ever run into. Thank you Dan, and all others who helped in this situation.
  5. My Batch is also 9007, exp. 1/11. Mine also has the same bad experiences as everyone's else. Although it hasnt led to a breakout yet, I feel one coming and my skin is extremely dry and burns, when this was never the case before.
  6. I;m noticing really bad stinging and burning that I never had before since the beginning of the regimen, albeit the smell has "somewhat" calmed down. it still smells though.
  7. I also have experienced a new smell with my new bottle. I don't like the new smell either, as it is not that pleasant. It is also thicker than ever, but I like it thick. p.s Brandy, the expiration date on my bottle is 1/11
  8. I'm waiting for my new shipment to come in, because mine ran out. So I missed 3 BP applications. Will this have any effect on me? Just wondering.
  9. can I use AHA twice a day? while using the regimen? I need to get rid of my red marks, while getting rid of Acne, and Ive heard AHA gets rid of red marks slowly. so can i use AHA twice a day?
  10. and no, My hands nor my face is wet when I apply the BP.
  11. Hey ShooShoo. I get that too, where it literally starts sliding off my hands. I dont know if the BP is less efective when it gets watery like that, or it doesnt really matter at all?
  12. Some nights, my BP feels thick. Some nights, it is very very watery. It has been this way for two Bottles already. My first bottle, was mostly thick texture to it. But my previous two varied, between thick, but mostly watery. is there a problem?
  13. I only used BP once a day for about 3 and 1/2 months. I recently started to used BP twice a day for the past month and 1/2. I use 2 full pumps at night, and 1 pump in the morning. I can say that I have noticed some improvement, not major, while I used 2 times a day. However, is it too late to see major improvement? Has BP taken me so far with 5 months in? I will check out the Diet/Holistic log wapak.
  14. Hello Everyone. Ive been almost exactly 5 months in the Regimen. I use Neutrogena Cream Cleanser, Dan's BP, and Cetaphil Moisturizor. Exactly 5 months in the regimen, and I can honestly say my face is worse. This isnt to say my acne is worse, however, my face is worse. I had a huge breakout about month 2, which left me with major red marks as evidenced by the picture, and I look as bad as ever. The thing is, I get relatively small pimples, however those small pimples equals very long lasting red