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  1. Lots of times the blotting papers have that powder on them but the Clean and Clear ones don't. That's why I like them so much.
  2. C- She has oily skin and she breaks out every once in awhile. But she swears by Vit E. Actually one time she was recovering from breast surgery and she used it to I guess speed up the healing process and it did. Some people put a capsule in their moisturizer. My mother has really oily skin and she looks great for her age too. You get wrinkled because the skin is so dry. I also do not get permanent scars like pitted scars. Just the occasional red mark so I guess we are fortunate for that.
  3. I hear you. Frankly, the serous skin care is pricey but it is the only thing I can find to keep my skin "under control". I just need to go back to the dermatologist. There is nothing out there really that you can buy over the counter that can help me at least. What are you using right now? I really like the Serious Skin Care lotion and the cleanser. You are right about the repairing lotion it tends to over dry my skin.
  4. So you think it would be the best cleanser to use for that kind of thing, Violeta?
  5. Oh okay, thanks. I love QVC. But I will have to check out Phil's website!
  6. Is your skin really sensitive? Have you ever tried Serious Skin Care? I didn't like Proactiv.
  7. I have heard of Philosophy and you don't sound like a salesperson. Did you buy it off of QVC? I love Philosophy's makeup too. Have you tried any of it?
  8. Isn't Desitin the stuff that they put on baby's butts for diaper rashes?
  9. The murad skin system is the worst! Your skin will not get better with that crap! That system is the most expensive junk I have ever paid for and it didn't help me at all. If any of you are thinking about trying it please think twice!
  10. I think overall this mask is pretty good. But it hurt like hell. It stings really bad.
  11. It worked for me until my body got used to the antibiotics too. I was using Minocyclin though.
  12. I was wondering about that stuff. Has anyone else ever tried Dermafina? How bad is your skin, Bluemoon? I seem to always be recovering from the pimples I get from that time of the month. I mostly have the problem of those breakouts and the redmarks they leave behind.
  13. I like serious skin care. It helped clear up my skin fairly well. It is much better than Proactiv. That Dry-Lo stuff is great. I think that it is all reasonably priced also. They have a kit that you can try for about 20 bucks that has the 3 step system. I would not recommend using the cleanser if you have really sensitive skin.
  14. DO NOT BUY MURAD! Oh my gosh, that stuff stings and it does not help at all!!!! Proactiv was better than that crap. We all think that when we see those miracles work on those infomercials that they will work for us. Please don't think about buying murad. I spent so much on that stuff and it did not help me at all! Dr. Murad needs to be put out of business for selling that junk!!! Absolute crap! Like the guy before me said, if you want to see what it is like to break out worse than you ever have
  15. I didn't like Proactiv. It worked for the first six months but then it seemed like my skin became immune to it or something and I started to break out again. I do like the toner that they give you in the system though.