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  1. i dont think there is anything wrong with it at all man. if you want to wear makeup, just wear it and be honest about it. my suggestion would just be to be real honest about it though, it will make you feel better about yourself. if someone asks you if you are wearing makeup, say "yeah I am. i have bad skin and am trying to make it look better for society so people dont look down on me as much." i love being blunt and honest about everything in life because it makes people uncomfortable. I
  2. i feel exactly the same way, I feel like my life has been wasted because of acne. even if I woke up with great skin tomorrow, i would always remember that i lost the best years of my life bc of acne and you cant get those back. I feel like i havent really lived a single day since the 90s. The good news is that you are still young, this may be a temporary thing for you. trust me at your age, you still have hope for your life.
  3. honestly, i have skipped going out thousands of times because of my acne. I'm surprised any of my friends even talk to me at all anymore. there are many days when i cant even go to the grocery store by myself on a tuesday night so i basically only go out for very very special occasions (weddings, birthdays) etc. becasue these are the times that people would be seriously upset with me if i didnt attend. Other times I am invited to go out? I turn down those invitations 95% of the time because o
  4. i have been depressed for years as well. I dont know whether i would say that i actually do cope with it as I am still very much depressed today. I know what it means to be depressed and i do realize the severity of it as i have been basically as depressed as someone can be and still be alive. I honestly just look forward to new music coming out from bands i like. Also, one time when i was considering something that depression often leads to, my parents simply said they loved me and they w
  5. i hear you, it has officially been more than a gd decade for me
  6. don't worry, many of us go through the same thing. my acne and scars have been incredibly upsetting to me as well and there were times when i felt like i had to cry (and I'm a guy) but it wouldnt get me anywhere different. i dont know your situation but one thing that helps me out when i feel like that is to remember that i did absolutely nothing wrong to deserve this, i just have bad biology, nothing else. i always ate healthy, exercised, didnt pick at my face and i still have bad scars and
  7. i have changed my habits throughout the years, from 3 times a day as a young man to once a month and honestly did not see any difference in my acne.
  8. i think it depends on the severity of your acne. from what i have observed, if you are someone who just gets mild breakouts once in a while then yes perhaps much of that could be prevented by improving your diet. if you are someone like me who dealth with very severe acne, a dietary change isnt really going to help. in my opinion, severe acne isnt caused by diet, stress etc., it is caused by biology pure and simple. i tested so many different diets in my time and i can honestly say that for
  9. my scars are on my cheeks and growing facial hair doesnt hide them at all. when i had more severe acne, i would always check to see if i had broken out around my neck though before i shaved. there is nothing worse than shaving only to find out you had broken out all over the place, you will wish that you had that hair back. i think all guys do this
  10. the positive me: I would start to live life, eat like shit, not take a shower for days and drink heavily. talk to a bunch of strangers in the grocery store just because, make jokes, smile at everyone etc. focus on other things in life besides skin, make more friends, go out every night of the week and never live in fear ever again. the negative me: go back to bed and think about how i am way too old to start living life now bc i already let life pass me by. let the regrets of a wasted life de
  11. i mean honestly you will find that some guys care. i've learned to try to develop other aspects of myself such as my sense of humor, intelligence etc. to compensate for my less than desired looks. it's hard to answer questions like this without knowing someone's everyday social situations. i'll put it this way, there are plenty of guys out there that would not care if a girl had acne or not, they would find her attractive no matter what. That being said, I'll be honest and say that i do know
  12. my friends def notice, but they dont really care. it makes them look better compared to me and our friendship is built on more than things like scarring or acne. if they are good friends, they may discuss it behind your back but not in a mean way. you have to remember that the vast majority of people have never dealt with acne at all so you just have to let them think it is disgusting/weird. they will likely get over it rather quickly and still be friends with you.
  13. it can definitely hurt your chances. people like to be around attractive people because they make assumptions about them such as they are more fun and nice. i dont think someone with scars will lose to a less qualified person in the job search. yet, if everything is equal (education, experience etc.), the uglier person will lose out 99% of the time to the more attractive one.
  14. for me, acne is definitely not the whole problem. i'm an insecure person in general and while acne is the most serious of my insecurities, i certainly have many others. even is my scarring was gone tomorrow, i would still be insecure about something. that being said, i think developing severe acne as a teenager did initiate these feelings of insecurity about the rest of myself. if i never had acne, i would probably feel better about other aspects of myself
  15. bob83


    scarring from acne. any tips would be greatly appreciated.