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  1. Ironically, one of those hotel travel size moisturizers, which is not even for the face, doesn't cause any irritation or breakouts. I believe I have a slight form of rosacea, which is located next to my nose, that area always had a slight pink tone. I read on the internet that neutrogena moisturizers also make people break out. I basically need to find sample sizes, so I don't waste money on this quest. Now my redness has subsided and I woke up to a bunch of white little pimples all over m
  2. This is why I don't use moisturizer. I have clear skin as day. I decided to try cerave PM because I was told by female friend that I have very dry skin, I put a little on my face, next day I wake up with my face all red with reddish pimples all over wtf this never happened to me before with other creams i tried, it most they would give 2 or 3 tiny yellow pimples what the hell is inside this cerave crap and is expensive too, like $15 for a tiny bottle. I returned it and got my money back my p
  3. Do you realize Isotretinoin was not designed for acne? It was made for CHEMOTHERAPY in cancer patients. IT CAN MESS YOU UP BAD. Do you realize you can cause serious damage to your endocrine system? Im talking about hormone levels, drastically reduced testosterone, increased estrogen, growth hormone imbalances... The original Accutane was taken off the market because of the amount of lawsuits that were made against Roche.
  4. Many people can live with body acne, since you can always cover it with clothes, but what really destroys people's self esteem and self image is facial acne, this is because your face is always exposed, and it represents everything about you, whether we like it or not, we live in a society were looks are extremely important, especially facial looks. You are constantly judged by your looks, mainly your face, every single day. Your face is your main identity. We human place a huge value on the f
  5. Anything you put on your face, will block the pores, no matter how little you put on it. The "non-comedogenic" is a marketing scam, it should be called "less-comedogenic" It is very similar to the low fat, low or zero calories scam, they still have calories The only way to be non-comedogenic, is to put NOTHING on your skin. Anything you put, will block the pores, some more than others It is actually better for your skin, to put nothing on it, except for the acne medications which is a ne
  6. lol no acne is a sign of having bad genetics, uncleanness, etc Now, I'm not saying that a girl cannot fall for a guy with acne, but when it comes to physical attraction, when you see a person for the first time, having clear skin is associated with beauty and attraction, is a sign of health Then again, people on this site are biased because they have acne themselves so they're gonna believe whatever makes them feel better i personally don't find girls with acne to be attractive,
  7. I developed back acne in puberty, and now at 30, I still have some pimples now and then (4 or 5). I never developed facial acne. So, how come some of us develop only body acne? I believe the skin on our bodies, produces more oil than the people who don't develop back acne, and the body is more prone to sweating than the face. You sweat the most when you are sleeping and exercising, believe it or not, you are sweating small amounts throughout the day. It is very likely that our skin is thicker
  8. is not me lol, but leave her a comment on her video maybe She would look much better if she got her hair fixed, washed, dyed, and, contact lenses, eyebrows fixed
  9. lol why did you wax, you should have known better any person with acne should already know by default, that waxing shaving will only make it worse
  10. now imagine getting body acne because of exercise this is what happens to me, my back acne is mild, but since i started working out, i broke out more, it has calmed down though, but still really sucks, that when you try to improve your body, it makes something else worse
  11. I'm latino and 30 years old. I have always been shy since I was little. I've always cared a lot about what others think of me, especially about my appearance, so developing moderate back acne on puberty, really affected my self image, and to make matters worse, at age 15, I didn't have the greatest physique. I was skinny fat, with love handles and a gut, due to probably a combination of bag genes, crappy diet, and inactivity. I would avoid the beach and pool like the plague, I wouldn't even ta
  12. I'm 30, and I still have some body acne. I have had it since I was in puberty, it never went away, it went down over the years, it did go down a lot, but it NEVER went away, it always comes back, no matter what I do, and my condition is mild. So, if you think all you have to do is wait more years, think again, don't get your hopes up, this crap is serious, very extremely hard to get rid of I have acne on my back, and especially on shoulders and upper arms. It is mild. I always had it, someti
  13. lol at people saying that is different only because of the way is applied and stuff, is the same god damn thing, same ingredient, same everything, with a different name, and different marketing strategy the whole acne industry is a scam, benzoic peroxide has been around since the 80s, no doctor, dermatorlogist or science has ever recommended or proved that applying more BP leads to better results, that is just retarded, if anything applying more causes more side effects, and can make your co