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  1. But the thread isn't labeled, "My experiences with Iodine right after Accutane and including some other supplements." You are throwing too many variables into the mix to make a valid argument and that is that. The big one being your Accutane use. My point is, you can't say it was the Iodine.
  2. Taking Accutane increases inter-cranial pressure which is likely the reason you have been having such a dramatic change in dreams after you've stopped. I have experienced it before. Recent Accutane use also completely invalidates any sort of claim that Iodine has cured your acne, when clearly it hasn't as it has returned. Not to rain on your "parade," but I would like you to stop posting in this thread if your results cannot be validated due to all of the other variables you are throwing i
  3. Your increased energy is not from the Iodine. It has been less than a week. Typically, Iodine therapy initially causes hypothyroid-like levels of increased TSH to begin with and some symptoms. If anything, the Iodine would make you feel worse to start. Being off the Accutane is more than likely the reason. Not trying to be a bad news Betty...
  4. I said I would keep taking it. I also didn't say it wasn't important. I'm saying why spend money on it as a supplement when most people can easily get it through food. Women are probably different in that supplementation could be necessary, but men require less.
  5. I'm trying to say don't go out of your way to buy a high dose iodine supplement unless you've exhausted many other important things first. Unfortunately, I am allergic to fish, so it is hard for me to find a daily iodine source. Obviously I would look to iodine for my own health. I'll still take the supp because it is my only source of iodine. In other people's cases, Iodine sources may be eaten more frequently, but not for everyone, of course. Eating seafood is a much better way to get iodine t
  6. Iodine hasn't done anything for me so far... No good, no bad. Don't spend your money on it. Just heal your gut. I'm going to a GI doctor next week to convince them to give me a hydrogen/methane breath test. I can't digest fats properly and have a lot of flatulence when I eat starches or high sugar fruits. There's a condition called Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) that is related. I think it has a connection to all my food allergies and acne, though I don't really have acne now other
  7. The type of fat in EVOO causes intestinal permeability to increase. Coconut oil is mostly composed of medium chain triglycerides, which do not effect permeability. Animal (saturated) fats are also OK. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1530-0277.2011.01673.x/abstract - linoleic acid caused increased permeability. It has also been talked about before by moonbase in a thread he started. Is this 100% of your problem? Probably not. HCl supplements are good as well for some people.
  8. evoo can be bad for people with leaky gut
  9. Why not replace the butter with ghee just to make sure? I'm allergic to eggs. Try ruling out other allergies. Do you get enough calories per day? That could also cause acne. Any digestive problems (too slow or fast)?
  10. Accutane cleared my skin for a couple months but all my acne returned. I took two long trials of it, almost a year each. I don't feel like the same person anymore. I can keep my acne under control with a non-processed foods diet. How is your digestion? I think digestion is the most important thing to consider if you don't have outright hormonal problems. Have you ever taken probiotics or kefir? Have you ever taken antibiotics? Some people break out on too much b12. If you are eating a plant b
  11. I don't get hives or any of the other classic type II allergic responses when I have citrus. I just get cysts the next day. Yes but true Iodine allergies are different since it is an element. People who are allergic to Iodine are always extremely sensitive to it and would know immediately.
  12. Hey Samlman, how is your iodine coming along? I'm not really seeing any changes skin or mood wise so far. I think my diet might have been chronically putting me at only 2000 cals a day or less, slowing my endocrine system. I've been eating a lot more and feel better now. I can't say the iodine is hurting anything though. I might scale back to a half a pill a day.
  13. It tastes great and always gives me energy. I buy the GT's brand in the store, but it's way too expensive. It is yeasty though, so I would be wary. Milk and water kefir are IMO way better for you in terms of bacteria but water kefir was yeasty too in my experience
  14. If it was an allergy you would probably have hives or other characteristic symptoms. I'm guessing the supplement you are taking has 150mcg, not mg. 150 mg is way too high. Look back at the bromide detox we talked about before.