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  1. If antihistamines clear up your acne then you have an allergy to something most likely food. I take Zirtek children's liquid antihistamine. It doesn't make me drowsy like most others as it is a different type to most. My acne/dermatitis is all down to multiple food allergies caused by leaky gut. Antihistamines have been the greatest acne discovery for me in the last few years.
  2. Candidate is pretty good. You should be able to find it via google
  3. I wouldn't agree with aloe helping heal the gut. There are arguments from both sides for how it helps and others say it hinders healing. My personal experience is it aggrevated my leaky gut and did no healing what so ever. As you posted this a week or so ago tannoyred how is it going?
  4. Hello. Cliffnotes at bottom if you can't be bothered reading the below. I have been around the acne boards for a long time and tried many of the things touted as the next cure for this horrible problem. My story goes like many other peoples. I got acne from about age 14 and it got worse. It got to the level where I took antibiotics. It was never that serious but to be honest I am a vain person. By the time I got to 16 most of my friends started clearing up and through college most of my fr
  5. This one is the cheapest I have seen. http://www.healthyrisepharmacy.com I would spend some time on google or something searching to see if this company is legit. There are plenty of honest and dishonest ones out there so just be careful.
  6. Well I just got back from the docs and I didn't get it. Basically in England a standard doctor can't prescribe it, only a qualified dermatologist at a hospital can. The doc wrote a referral letter in front of me and will send it to the hospital to get me an appointment. With the current NHS in England that could take a looong time. I am going to give it one month and then if I haven't heard back from them I will just buy it off the net and get my local doc to do the blood work. Guess I will h
  7. For the first month I had to avoid all sugar to help get candida under control. On a permanent basis I had to avoid dairy, white bread or anything containing white flour. Basically eat as healthy as possible. Watch the Glycemic level of foods. Control bowel movements so that I went a few times a day. I was taking a load of supplements such as Zinc, Saw Palmetto, B Vitamin complex, MSM, Digestive Enzymes, EFA and one other but I can't remember. It was brilliant, I was always clear or pretty
  8. Ok I am considering taking accutane. The natural route does work for me but following a special diet and chugging down £60 of supplements each month is become too much of a chore/expense. I recently started eating normally again and my face is a mess. Let me know if you think my acne is bad enough to justify asking for accutane, BE HONEST. I have tried antibiotics before and they worked but I do not want to go back on them due to a pretty bad candida problem they caused me. Thanks