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  1. hey guys been on the Regimen now for about 3/4 weeks and might acne is startng to clear, just red marks from very old acne fading. but i was out on my mountain bike today like i do most sunday and took a pretty bad spill into some nettles and my face is stung pretty bad lol was just wondering is any one new if this would make it flare up again or wether i should stop usin the Regimen products??? any help would be welcome thanx
  2. its been very very many years since i was completely clear.... can just imagine it would be quite amazin thou ive bulit it up so much in my mind probably be abit of a let down lol
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  4. heyyy ive personally always found panoxyl 2.5 better, not as harsh on the skin its sold behinde the counter in most chemists its around 3 pound thou you can just go your GP and get like 3 or 4 tubes of it which would do u alot of months and would be alot cheaper hope this of use
  5. only been doin Dan's regimen for about a week and a half now but within the last few days ive suffered my worst breakout after 8 years of acne and it doesnt seem to be gettin any better... was just wondering if anyone else had the same experiance and had any advice?? any suggestions would be much appricated thanx David
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    been doin the regimen now for around a week and a half and tbh over the past few days my acne has got worse than ever been gettin acne in all the usual places just above the cheeks only in greater numbers thou have been gettin some where i never have before like just under my eyes and several on my chin just thought this was strange after 8 years of acne perhaps a reaction to the cleanser or summit i dunno really hope it starts working soon
  7. had acne for about 8 yars now turn 20 next month and its just got steadly worse for me with no sign of stoppin
  8. hey.... today i started the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment.... i was just wondering if it matters if the vinegar is oraginc tonight??? cause i was only able to find organic if anyone has any advice on ACV would be a great help thanx
  9. I always found i would break out quite badly the morning after a heavy session lol but that could be down to lack of sleep and water not nessecerly the alcohol but ive been off it for a few months now, still gettin breakouts but they are alot milder than when i was drinking not a very convincing answer ino lol
  10. yoooo from northern ireland and im 19 and been sufferin from around same amount of time as you try out a product you get in superdrug its Tea Tree sensitive foaming facial wash, with natural tea tree oil and aloe vera extract. its superdrugs own brand its the organic route which i took, really helps with the redness and white heads. not a long term solution thou, go to your GP and tried to get refered to a derm which is what i did
  11. hey.... finally after several months my doctor has referred me to see a derm i was just wondering what i should expect?? full body physical and all that stuff
  12. hiii i recently found a great new product for fighting the signs of acne its superdrugs own brand Tea Tree Sensitive Foaming Facial Wash ive moderate acne on face and body. ive tried everything store bought for the last 3 year from clearasil, clean and clear, freederm and soo many others with the only result being irritated skin (N) =[ for past 8 months ive been seeing my local GP about it being prescribed benzoyl peroxide up to 7.5% and a whole host of antibiotics with agin no result ot