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  1. I've been on the regimen for 5 weeks now. Recently I noticed the color of the foundation I used to wear is too light for me! There is obvious change partically on face(where I applied the BP). I wear sunscreen spf30+ everyday though, and Portland has been raining in the past 3 months...I didn't get to see the sun at all! Will the regimen change the skin color? I assume it does, cuz on the neck where I didn't apply BP on, it's lighter color than the face. Does anyone ever notice this?...now I nee
  2. I never apply BP under or close to my eyes, the first 3 weeks of regemen I have no dryness problem but I start getting it in the past week...also my eye lids are super dry and irratated too! Can anyone tell me what happened? Am I allergic to the BP?
  3. I've been on the regemen for a month now and everything works fine, my scarrings are fading and I have less break out than the first couple weeks...I'm using little bit more than one pump BP last week(one pump and one peanut size BP) n that leads my face to start flaking again.. I noticed under my eyes get really dry lately!! I try to put alot eye cream on, but it burns really bad and turns red!! Today I also noticed the skin start peeling at the corner of the eyes.........What should I do with
  4. Is it the liquid concealer? hmmmm, I will try it if Mizz bebe's concealer doesn't work for me, haha
  5. Yea! I've tried alot expensive brands but they just don't worth the money. I will definitely check it out at walgreens tomorrow! Thanks!
  6. I avoid to use any conclear that has salicylic acid in it because I'm doing Dan's regimen, I'm looking for a gentle concealer that gives a good coverage and non comedogenic. Anyone?
  7. I'm in the 3rd week of doing regimen now! Break out, heals in a week, break out again..yea I know it's common, and I'm being patient to see the result. The best improvement is that I notice my nose's pores got smaller and it doesn't have as much whiteheads as before! ...but the pimples are just annoying.......I know that I should follow the regimen, but sometimes I just can't help to not put extra BP for spot treatment after moisturizing.... Can I use the AHA for spot treatment? Am I still too
  8. oh woooooooW! your makeup skill can be descriped as magic!! I can barely cover anything..I don't usually get the big pimples but I have alot small ones on only one side of my face.....takes so much time just to conceal them!! currentlyI'm using dior's flawless liquid foundation but it seems quite thick for me and its coverage is okay(it only lighten the red marks little bit, and I still need to use the extra concealer stick to cover with...) I have oil skin, pores clog easily, the derm said cuz
  9. I've been doing regimen for almost 2 weeks, everything works fine so far, I've notice some improvement after the regimen, and I've decided to continue on it =) There are some minor break outs after I started the regimen but it's okay, I know this is common for everyone who just starts regimen for several weeks...hopefully my skin will get better and better!! In the 2nd week my skin feel tingled after applied the BP and moisturizer(I'm using Dan's product), and since yesterday, my face started
  10. I think you are allergic to BP........ Stop applying the regimen for a day or two, if your face gotta better after all, that means you are allergic to it =p
  11. thanks for sharing! My skin was like yours..although I don't suffer in serious acne, I always have pimples here and there, one cures and another one grows before the red mark goes away..it's so frustrated!! When did you start to use the AHA? like a month after apply the regimen? ..I don't really know what AHA does to the skin but I still bought it......
  12. Have you been expose in the sun recently? I heard after using BP the skin will be more sensitive to the sun...so it's really important to wear sunscreen! pick one that has SPF 30! This is what the dermatologist told me
  13. I think there's something wrong with the hormone......try not to drink energy drink..also over taking vitamin B(particularly B6 and B12) will cause more acne too.. Take some zinc supplement might be a good idea to fight acne, I'm going to get my bottle tomorrow too!
  14. I just started to do the regimen yesterday, it started flaking a little bit in the morning but it was easy to be fixed with Dan's moisturizer(also I added a drop or two jojoba oil in it)..It didn't flake in a whole day~I was scared at first but.....think about months later ur skin will be really nice... My skin became pretty sensitive after I had the chemical peel but no redness and irritation appears yet. Jojoba oil really do a good job to keep the hydrate of the skin! =)
  15. hey~~!I'll be your friend if you don't mind~~ Just received my regimen producuts tonight...I'm going to start it right after I take shower.. I suffer from light acne since exactly one year ago(I had reaction with the make up remove oil....nobody warns me that oil/combination skin should stay away from that crap...!)it's was worse in last summer...there was not even an inch of smooth skin on my face....although some expensive treaments I had kinda helped but I'm not satisfied yet!!My goal is c