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  1. First, you want to wash and moisturize your face with products that are gentle and won't clog your pores. Either Dan's regimen wash and moisturizer, or I would recommend Cetaphil. Moisture is very important so your makeup doesn't become flakey. As for foundation, step away from the liquids. They will do nothing but clog your pores, creating the need for more makeup. Try a mineral powder like Bare Minerals, Faerie, Jane Iredale, Young Blood, Cover FX, or Everyday Minerals. Even drugstore brands
  2. I'm also extremely pale with red marks. I like to use a green tinted concealer to spot conceal larger red marks. I know it sounds weird, but green and red are opposite colours. So putting one on the other has a very neutralizing effect. Physicians Formula is a great line of non-comedogenic products and they have many colour correcting concealers and powders. They also have a talc-free mineral line.
  3. Mineral makeup! Oh god, mineral makeup!! If you MUST sleep in it, wear mineral makeup. My recommendation is Jane Iredale, though it might be a canadian product and purchasable online. It gives great coverage, and is super light, soft, looks natural and GOOD for your skin. When I started using it, it seriously cut my acne in half. I've had moderate to severe acne since I was 11 years old (am now 24) and this stuff covers up the scars I have from that many years of acne. Do not sleep in liquid fou
  4. I don't know if this is the same procedure, but I had the pearl laser treatment by Cutera done a couple of summers ago and I wouldn't recommend it. First off, it was extremely painful. Probably one of the worst pains I've experienced. The numbing cream that was provided had all but worn off by the time the procedure had started, and I'm not sure if that's true of all cases, but it did not make my experience any easier. Second, I had about a week of downtime afterwards. I COULD have gone out, if
  5. Jane Iredale makes great mineral makeup in way more shades than BM. Personally I find the coverage better and they also have a heavy coverage concealer than is all natural and great.
  6. Hello all! I'm new here and I'm just wondering about this new CyEstra generic pill. I've been on Diane 35 for about a year and a half and I've found it mostly controls my hormonal acne. When I'm not on an antibiotic, I generally only get pimples on my chin right before my period, and usually it's very minimal. It is a big change from before Diane, when my entire lower face would be covered in huge deep painful breakouts before period time. Anyways, I'm wondering about the new generic version,