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  1. It honestly worked for me, and it's a good thing I discovered it when I did because my acne was becoming cystic and was beginning to scar. I took about 10 grams/day for about 4 months and noticed a significant difference after a month. I now do a mainenance dose of around 1 gram/day. For me it was a godsend, no lie.
  2. Unfortunately, I live in Vancouver, and we see, oh about, 2 and a half days of sun in the winter. Honestly, it's horrible. I've gone from seeing about 10 days of rain a year in africa, to about 350 days of rain in vancouver (perhaps a slight exaggeration.) Havoc on my skin. Its definately improving though with the b-5 and dan's regimen.
  3. Nice steady improvement. Btw, nice eyes!
  4. Ha...f'ing flourescent lights. I refuse to even piss in our bathrooms at work, because I can't stand to even glance in the mirror. It even makes my blonde hair look like a sickly yellow. mutter...
  5. fawk mate! huge improvement. looks like you'll be pretty much clear in a little bit.
  6. Good luck mate. I'm trying the same thing, although continuing with Dan's regimen. Hopefully this will kill the fuckers! Gentle Cleansing + BP Blitz + B5 Blitz = Skin like a baby's bottom. (hopefully)
  7. Hi Julie Thanks for the log. It's interesting following your progress, and provides a good resource for the rest of us. I was having decent success with Dan's regimen, but like you, had not cleared totally up (although in fairness, I've only been on it for 3 weeks). I've been looking into b-5 aswell, and decided yesterday to give it a try in conjunction with dan's method. Hopefully, this will be the solution.
  8. I've got to agree. My skin is practically flawless in the summer and spring, and then breaks out horribly around october. My solution is to make like a bear and hibernate in the winter.
  9. Gah! Things were going so well, and then bam! zits! Had a big breakout this weekend, and am not sure what is to blame, although I believe it may be the Multi-vitamins I started taking mid week. I was only taking 2 a day, but I think the iodine content may have been enough to spark the acne. Plus, I had shrimp on Friday which I think is also high in iodine. Aaargh!! Well, hopefully it was the vitamins because at least they're easy to cut out.
  10. Definate improvement abby. Hopefully this will keep working for you. I'm having pretty good results aswell.
  11. Heya Keith Good luck with the regimen, i hope it works for you. I also discovered this site very recently, about 10 days ago, and I've got to say that I've seen a significant improvement since starting. Looks like we're affected in similar areas...namely the cheeks. I've seen my cheeks clear up dramatically since starting, probably because i've been following the regimen extremely closely in regards to that particular area. I think sometimes i rush putting it on other areas so still break
  12. hehe, i think for a lot of people it'd be "god, if only all i had was blackheads..." To each their own.
  13. I've seen purpose in Safeway, and in various drug stores. Same with cetaphil (which I use and quite like). Havn't seen neutrogena, although I havn't really looked as I was using some leftover proactiv which has 2.5%. Had to go out yesterday and find some 2.5 % and could only find OXY 5. Unfortunately, it doesn't dissolve very well, and leaves a white film on the skin.