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  1. At the moment I've reached the end of my tether. I went to the doctors and he simply doesn't care. He just prescribed Daktacort and sent me on my way saying if you have seb derm then you will simply have it for life, like it was a mole on my arse cheek or something. I was hoping he'd send me to a dermatologist who actually cared and knew what they were talking about. I have practically told the doctors that I have seb derm and they just went along with it without even checking much at all. I'm
  2. I live in the UK and my doctor (general GP) has just prescribed me Daktacort for my mild facial seb derm that I've had for a few years. He really didn't seem to care and just said "if you have seb derm then you basically have it for life but this should help" and just gave me the cream and obviously wanted me out the door. Is this right for Seb Derm and if so how long should I use it for? I know it's a steroid cream but I've heard it's extremely mild and have heard it can help a lot.
  3. Ok six years ago when I was 20 I never really had any large pores and never had this problem but since then I've developed large pores all over my nose and the surrounding cheeks area (T-Zone). This area always seems slightly red and feels sensitive to practically anything espescially rubbing and picking. All of the pores in this area constantly get filled up with white hard things which I think could be classed as comedones but are hard not gooey and are similar to grains of salt and the only
  4. Ye but for me the area around these things all round the t-zone seems to get red if I don't get rid of the things and leave them for a couple of days and it also gets red after me rubbing/picking them out. I don't think it's seb derm as it's just a slightly red area around the pores with white things in every pore more like hardened grains of salt than gunk. It's crazy but I've had it for 5 years now so I think it's here to stay.
  5. Iactually never spoke to a derm just my regular doctor but he knows his stuff it seems. Yep I actually decided to bin the daktacort yesterday literally. When people talk about skin thinning etc would that be after a really long period of using strong steroid topicals rather than just a very mild one like daktacort for 8 weeks twice a day like I have? I mean could this redness just be a temporary flare up and not due to daktacort at all? I'm a paranoid person and whenever I hear of a slight sid
  6. Thanks. Although the seb derm does seem to have improved do you think it would be best to drop the daktacort now as I've been using it for 6 - 7 weeks twice a day and just use the oilatum to carry on keeping it moisturised?
  7. For the past 4 years I have had mild facial redness and blocked pores around my t-zone area. I decided to go to my doctor a month or 2 back and although he said it was very mil and was more or less invisible to sight but more prominent to touch due to roughness he said it may be mild Seb Derm. I actually suggested this to him before he agreed with me as it being a possibility. He gave me daktacort cream and told me to apply it twice a day to the area for 6 - 8 weeks. It seemed to be working a l
  8. Hi I have had a strange problem around my T-zone for quite some time where the whole area in the t-zone that has open pores (on the cheeks right by the sides of my nose, on my whole nose and down the creases leading to the sides of my mouth) is a little bit red. Every single one of these pores also seems to get filled with something I've told is a keratin plug, otherwise known as hardened sebum which appear like little tiny white/yellow grains of salt in my pores. Somethimes I rub these out bu
  9. Is that area of your face similar to the way I described i.e. all red and gets red whether you leave it alone for too long, pick the things out or splah water on them? I wonder if it's normal for everyone to have these things in their pores or is it definitely an actual condition and I constantly wonder what would stop them from growing at all. They seem to grow in every single one of my open pores, even the tiniest pores.
  10. Gotcyha. I'll definitely order some right away. What the hell are the grains then? Are they sort of like dead skin or dust the same way you get up your nose type of thing? It's just bizarre as I'm sure noone else gets them, it always seems that way to me at least. Everybody has pores but noone I know gets things in pores unless it is a spot. Truly bizzare to me. Is there any way to cure that as surely it is the underlying problem?
  11. Sounds good. Did that take care of the redness and did you have a similar condition to mine? Thanks for your help.
  12. No you are right. Maybe I should. It just seems a little vein of me to be going the doctors when people have acne and acne scars and my problem, my family and friends say isn't even there and that i have bdd. I contacted "The acne clinic" and got a reply saying it could be seborric (spelling) dermatitis but when I checked their actual site the kit that they are selling for that was around $120 or £60 where i come from and a tube of nizoral anywhere else which is supposed to treat this cond
  13. I've got a strange problem that I've never heard of anyone else having specifically the same symptoms. The problem is that naturally everbody's T-zone (nose, area next to nose and creases beneath the nose leading down to the sides of the mouth) is covered with pores but in my case this whole area is slightly redder than the rest of my face and seems to be made more so by putting water or cream on it or touching it at all so I avoid this area in every way most of the time. It does not look like
  14. For me it seems however that actual spots aren't developing because as I said I hardly ever get spots but it just seems that the skin itself is red at times. The area that is affected has open pores on it until they get filled by the hard white things. It seems that everywhere else on my face that doesn't have open pores on it is not affected. Would these open pores be a symptom of that condition? What would help it? Mine must be fairly invisible because the thing is my family and friends have