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  1. yeah mine always gets better in the winter too. the humidity and heat in summer breaks me out horribly, when winter comes around my skin clears up very well
  2. I use Merle Norman Luxiva Purely Mineral Makeup... hands down best mineral makeup I've tried. I have used Bare Minerals, Everday Minerals, and this is by far my favorite. Coverage is great and feels light weight and natural. Plus, no bismuth or anything irritating. Plus, it comes in a huge container!! 28 bucks and the container of foundation lasted me over a year! No joke.. and I wear foundation basically everyday. I used to have to buy a new foundation every month or two and now I dont have to
  3. yeahhhh im on birth control, i was on ortho lo at first but i really felt like it was breaking me out... im on lo ovral now and my skin is honestly basically clear except for my chin area which i know that area is hormonal.. i almost wonder if its my bc breaking me out
  4. I feel your pain, it seems no matter what we do, try, and how long we try it for it never wants to get better. Woke up today, seeing how nice it was outside and i want to go do shit but i look like shit so i dont. To make matters worse as i am reading your post, fn proactive commercial comes on T.V. Argh that shit pisses me off even more lol. yeah it definitely sucks thats for sure lol i have seriously been doing every and anything i can think of to get my jawline to clear up but nothi
  5. Yeah.... i dont think I have been this depressed in a long time. My jawline is broken out worse than I think its ever been in my whole life, my makeup wont even begin to cover it.. It just looks like a red mess... Its summer and I should be out enjoying the beautiful weather but I have been keeping indoors Normally if it were few bumps Id be like oh well whatever, but wow, this looks bad.... I should probably schedule a derm appointment and get switched to something else this really isnt w
  6. UGH frustration!!! my acne was under control and now with the warm weather there is humidty... and my face, arms, and chest are covered in small bumps. My arms have at least twenty small bumps on them. My chest has small red inflamed bumps, and my once smooth face is covered in bumps all over as well. I seriously hate this.
  7. kristenm09


  8. Skin update: Ok its been awhile since I have updated, college is taking over my life. Only 5 more weeks though! Honestly, part of the reason I didnt get on here for so long is because my skin has been almost perfectly clear for awhile. Smooth skin other than maybe a small bump or two. And now the last few days for some odd reason my right side of my face has broken out into small bumps. I am honestly confused. Normally my problem spot is my chin area, I never break out there anymore. I never
  9. I know how you feel. Unfortunatly nothing is a miracle cure for acne, it takes a regimen and deidcation to improve it. Just keep trying and see what works for you. Retin A isnt supposed to clear you up by month three, improvements are supposed to start at month 3. It takes awhile for your skin to adjust.
  10. My derm told me he was going to put me on .1% percent, but there was a mix up with the pharmacy so im still on .05 right now. I will probably stay on it since summer it coming, and I am out in the sun a lot and i heard .1 makes your skin A LOT more sensitive. So i may just stick with what I have for now. Are you still breaking out badly? Or just a few tiny ones here and there? I use the AHA in the morning everyday, and Retin A at night. And moisturize realllyyyy well, probably the most im
  11. Skins decent Havent got much time to update this because of school.. 18 credit hours are kicking my ass!! Have one large pimple of my left side of face, and a few tiny bumps elsewhere. Thats about it. No real complaints, other than my forehead has three tiny bumps on it and normally retin a has it clear. Oh well! Too much else to focus on right! Last day of class tomorrow than spring break. YAY!
  12. Someone needs to post reviews of a filter they have gotten and if it has improved their skin
  13. so skin wise.... everything is good except for on my left lip to chin area i got a cyst i figured it would go away but now it is full on inflamed, red, and painful.. honestly this is a bummer because i havent gotten a real cyst in awhile. all the others one would seem like it at first but then become a whitehead.. ugh hopefully its gone by next weekend i have a big event then!! BUT, i am so proud of myself! normally i mess with a cyst and cause it to become a nasty oozing scab and i have no
  14. sorry for the late response! uhmmmm it took the full 3 months for all my comedones to be gone, but i havent had a problem with comedones at all now
  15. OMG this thread is awesome, seriously just awesome. Lucky me I started breaking out when I was in the 6th grade and no one else even had one pimple. and at my school, make up wasnt cool lol So i would wear my foundation to try and cover up the acne, and i always chose a shade WAYYYY to dark for my face and would just glob it on with unwashed hands (ugh i cringe at the thought) and leave the house. I used to also love my lavendar cream stick eye glitter that i put on my lids and would leave