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  1. Mine has that ingredient is it. Should I stop using it? I think it might be breaking me out. WHY DO THEY BOTHER MAKING THIS WITH THE INGREDIENT? So stupid. Seriously.
  2. Anyone? Can this get moved to the appropriate forum, mods? I think this is an impt. issue now that it's starting to get sunny...
  3. Just a note to all interested. The men's Alpha Hydrox *IS* fragrance free. I think the only difference is it doesn't say anti-wrinkle on the label.
  4. Just an FYI: I've currently been using Every Man Jack SPF. It's cheap ($5), oil-free, non-whitening, and isn't breaking me out. I'm a little resistant to Zinc Oxide products after having used a Skinceuticals SPF and looking like Casper the ghost in some photos. The ingredients of my current SPF are:
  5. I know Dan has clarified in the past that Zinc Oxide is the best sunscreen to use with acne-prone skin -- and that avobenzone should be avoided. But I'm still confused about the differences between SPF active ingredients (I doubt I'm the only one) and how important a "broad spectrum" sunscreen is. Does a sunscreen with another active ingredients necessarily protect worse than a Zinc Oxide one? What would be extremely, extremely beneficial -- not just to me, but probably everyone -- is if one o
  6. I'm actually a guy who once bought the Jergens Gradual Tanning Face Moisturizer w/ SPF. To anyone interested, it's non-comedogenic and on a price basis, is considerably cheaper than competing SPF moisturizers w/o a self-tanner. It's not tinted, it does change skin tone. Gradually. It's mostly fool-proof. I'd only use it in the summer when I'm normally tan anyway. Problem with it is it smells kinda funky. I would not use it with a benzoyl peroxide, just because benzoyl peroxide (obviously) has
  7. I've used a Retin-A .1/Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion combo for two weeks now... -- I've started using the Retin-A 0.1% cream consistently, about 3x a week. I'm waiting for my mom to ship me the .05% (I have a prescription for the gel, more calming version). -- I've had some minimal peeling, but this is avoidable with jojoba oil and moisturizer. I think I did go through the purge, because initially, my chin acne got worse. But it's all fading now! -- I've used AHA lotion as a treatment, followi
  8. What ingredients in the Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion would clog pores?
  9. I agree about a name change... I live in a college dorm and have a public shower. My products are scattered on my nightstand and in my shower caddy. When I've got people in my room...I don't want a huge bottle of "ACNE.ORG" cleanser staring out at them. Up until earlier today (when I was sorta interested in the SA+ and decided to refil my cleanser anyway), I've always bought Cetaphil rather than the DKR cleanser. This is in part because of shipping costs...but the packaging doesn't make that de
  10. Thanks for the quick response Hmm..How bad can the purge get?
  11. Hi! - I have mild acne. Combination skin. Especially oily around the cheeks and nose and forehead. Dry around the chin. Most of my blemishes are whiteheads, but I get some bumps around the chin. - I used Retin-A as needed, between October 2008 and December 2008. I was overseas and not prescribed the medication. I did not rigidly follow a regimen or anything. I cannot exactly remember what my experience was...It cleared up my back acne entirely. It may have caused some facial flakiness. - I r