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  1. how long were you on accutane for? If you don't wash your face does your nose build up a layer of oily uneven flakeyness? and apart from the oil clearing up after tane there wasn't any real improvement? could you upload a pic?
  2. Yeh it does get a lot redder with water it's so annoying, i don't think it's rosacea but i think the combination of large pores excessive oil and and sensitive skin is causing the redness. I have tried everything, mino, tetracycline, benzol peroxide, zinc acetate, daktacort, metrogel, nizoral cream. and about 20 different types of face washes, but nothing actually helps. I want to go on accutane but i don't have any real acne. perhaps if the oil production stops the pores won't be so clogged and
  3. hey I have this problem too, I am 17 now and had this since i was about 13. I was just wandering if you found anything or it cleared up since you made this post?