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  1. Hey nevermind Sorry dude, I´m from Germany. What products do you mean? ( ???) But a good tip for you: When you want to have things like clothes or stuff like that check out the us-ebay site. We here in Germany do it in the same way. I hope this was helpfull... See "ya" soon...
  2. Thank you all for your answers! You helped me a lot! See you all soon in your beautifull Australia!!! (If my plane does´nt crash.......... )
  3. Please help me! I would like to know if medicaments with the active agent Acelaic acid are available in Australia... And how much they are there...? Must I have a prescription to get this or can I buy it over the counter? THANKS from GERMANY!! (And sorry for my bad english.. I´m sure it´ll become better when I´m in Australia.. )
  4. Hey @ all! Is anybody here who knows if Skinoren (active agent: acelaic acid) is available in australia? And is there a need to get a prescription from the doctor? Or is it free to buy? How much is it? Thank y a lot for answers!