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  1. bump I have a very similar problem. Cheeks and forehead are not super dry after I apply the gel the chin/mouth area is super dry and tight and thats actually where I seem to get most of my active acne? Apply moisturizer before the retin-a? 20 minutes after?
  2. So after finishing my 2nd tane course I went on retin-a gel this time for maintenance (0.50%) and its been so so. Good news is that I have very limited acne on forehead and cheeks but the bad news is that my red marks are not really improving and I still get some pimples on the chin area. When I apply the gel my chin/mouth area gets really tight and sometimes irritated but I don't really apply a moisturizer before going to bed. Should I apply something 15 mins after the gel? Would applying less
  3. Hey, So everybody knows that tanning ur redmarks is bad long term. But I thought of this for the summer: I put tanning lotion with a small SPF on my whole face and I add some stronger sunscreen/sunblock using a Q-tip on my important red marks. Problem is that I'm a total newbie in terms of tanning lotions. Anybody has any suggestions or input on this? Thx
  4. bump I stopped using the gel around the mouth (was getting irritated and really dry/tight) and don't really need to moisturize after applying. But I really want to know what the best tecnique is. Do you apply the gel and keep spreading softly in circular motions until it all sinks in or do you apply it and kinda let it lay there and sink in by itself? Seems like if I don't rub it in I get a lil bit more peeling which could be good for my red marks?
  5. Hey, I'm 2 months in post-tane with my retin-a and its going ok. 1. Is it bad to moisturize over ur retin-a about 20-30 minutes after u apply it? I would only apply some on chin+mouth area cause it gets super dry and tight. 2. What is the best technique to apply it? Use alot of gel and just put it on and let it sink it the skin or small amount and try to rub it in? Thx,
  6. ya I think im gonna go with retin-a also Gel at a low % sounds good... if it can prevent the big acne from coming back and healing the marks then I'm gonna be very happy
  7. doing that kind of stuff right after tane is not really a good idea but ya if marks is my only problem and I still have them 6-8 months from now with little improvement I will def look into the drastic methods
  8. hey, for the end of my 2nd course im gonna do some maintenance this time with a retinoid. What should I take, retin-a or differin? Which one is better for red marks? Gel or cream? What % to take? Any experiences/advice with this is welcome!
  9. so I just finished accutane (2nd course) and this time im using retin-a as a maintenance product+to help red marks. I've also tried bio-oil for a month and it has not broke me out so I will continue to use it. My question: What are all the other little things I can do to help me fade my marks? Drink lots of water? Omega-3s etc. I really want to try hard to make it work this time.
  10. ya I think I'll go with Retin-a Anybody knows a lil bit about which one to take? Cream or gel? I'm pretty sure like 4 years ago I tried the gel at .5% and it burned like crazy (maybe I will get a better reaction after the tane). I think I'll go for a low % one also. My last pill is right around christmas so I'll probably chill and then start it a week later after meeting the family.
  11. Which one is best for maintenance after tane? Is there one that works better for red marks? When do u start Right after the course? Like 2 weeks later?
  12. Which one is best for maintenance after tane? Is there one that works better for red marks?
  13. came back couple of months after first course so I'm on my 2nd as we speak but this time around I'm gonna use a product as maintenance instead of doing nothing.