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  1. i got the same problem cept mine are filled with black... its genetics ive tried AHA, exofliants, mite try biore strips but they arent blackheads so idk if those work
  2. please let us know how it is ive been looking for a new moisturizer (i use cetaphil) but it makes my face shiny because i have very oily skin, no flakiness...
  3. little over a year ago i was prescirbed erhtomycin (topical solution) retin-a and doxycycline pills and did not notice an initial breakout. used that for around 8months and now only been using retina and ertho and its been good
  4. oh.. sometimes i look at ppls noses (weird lol) and only see in ppl with kinda acne prone skin
  5. oh and when i squeeze my nose, no grease or oil comes out, they just stand up a slihgt bit like tiny hairs lol and darken
  6. had em for while and doesnt seem to go away. they look more prominent after a whole day of oily skin, look less promnent after shower. i currently use mech. exfoliants twice a week on them (doesnt do much) retin-a every nite AHA every nite (doenst do much) was considering to use biore strips??? they are blackheads since they are black rite?? had to use macro setting on camera to get the detail.. usually not that prominent but bothers me :C
  7. i have glasses but only wear for class/driving so 99% of time i look in mirror-> clear skin but ofc not what every1 sees. I prefer it tho.. and i dont have to see other ppls skin clearly also
  8. does this apply to antibotics too? :C like if some1 goes off antibiotics, they are still clear for the first 6weeks off since they took them in that period? then it comes back?
  9. Yep Ill be going to asia for 1 month (Hong Kong then Tokyo) very hot + humid my skin: oily/sensitive moderate acne currently i use erthomycin-retin-a - AHA every night. And i am looking for a moisturizer with SPF that i can put on in morning and wont have to re-apply all day. also im wondering wut do u guys usually brg with u on trips? ill prolly be brging those 3 medications and maybe cleanser + moisturizer. But im a guy so >>> less is better i think my skin can handle son tho, ne
  10. i currentl use both at night, dont see any bad side effects. i started aha bout 3 weeks ago. However i only apply aha to problem areas
  11. i think i will apply a bit more tonite and see what is up
  12. hi i recently been using AHA and noticed breakouts around the areas ive applied (minimal applicaton) but also some in areas where i havent. Before i jump to conclusions i would like to ask u guys 1. have u noticed a correlatoin between aha and breakouts? 2. how do u use AHA? (spot treat, PIH, moisturizer) 3. have u noticed a improvement in skin tone, PIH, etc personally i dont mind new pimples once in while, im just tired of PIH because it takes forever to fade and i noticed that AHA got goo
  13. I think i read somewhere here that cleansers coming in bar form are bad. I use cetaphil bar cleansers on weekends and it feels much better than the pump cleanser. however this weekend i seem to have broke out a bit, just wondering what factors may cause this thanks
  14. ive been on retin-a .025% for about 11months now and ive noticed it does make ur smooth flatter and smoother and over time, it helps with red/brown marks, it also has healed some of my scars but it does take alot of time ; / Luckily retin-a hasnt had any negative effects on my skin unlike many people so i keep using it