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    the pics are in order of (from left to right): age 15 age 16 age 16 (summertime when skin cleared) age 17 (today--after starting retin a) if u click them, they get larger and u can really see the acne which doesn't show from the reduced size.
  2. okay so here is my acne history: Great clear skin since I was a child. Luminous, yet oily and in all of my pictures where I'm less than 13 years of age my skin looks clear, shiny, and beautiful. But at 13 I started getting little pimples everywhere. This slowly progressed through age 14, 15, and 16. I tried differin at age 15 but it didn't help. Then in Spring of the year I was 16, I tried 100mg minocycline/day, which worked alright. It cleared my skin somewhat but I only used it for 2 months b