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  1. Alright pics are back up... they are working for me, and now for an update, no new pimples black heads etc. face clearing up nicely... I have also increase the salt in my diet now, Alot of my friends with great complexions have loads of salt in there diet, so I am trying this out also
  2. Thnx for the support... Glade to see people watching this... yeah acne sucks.... today acne clearing up alittle more, hopefully it's going to go away for good this time...
  3. what about soaking in salt water in the bath tube????? question is how much salt do you want in the water????
  4. Here it is tuesday night, my face has shown little improvement throughout the day, all the little redspots that I had around mid time today turn to these nasty white heads, then fighting the urges I didn't pop them, instead I washed my face with water only, now they are little little redish spots once again, kinda sore even though I didn't pop them, but when I got home to night and after my shower my face felt kinda dry so no bp tonight, took my natures cure and my vitadvance pill tonight also.
  5. I am currently on natures cure and also using vitadvance: acne clarifying complex from avon... I wash my face with nuetrogenas clear pore: cleaner/mask. I have been on the natures cure for about 2 weeks now, at first my acne wasn't as bad is it is now, also the vitadvance I have been on for a week. I am guess this is my body's way of flushing out all the toxins since I am using two antioxidents. The BP side of natures cure I only used it at night before I go to bed on my "spots". I w
  6. I have just started the product.... I'll keep people updated...
  7. My acne is not do to my hygene, or what not, cause I wash my face, I use lotion and I use a mask, acne still there, Doctor had me on pills to clean my system, acne still there, Doctor decided it was cause of my Over Active Hormones producing so much oil, He prescribed acutane, didn't go for it, too many side effects don't want to be another statistic to acutane, but I did find something out that didn't truely clear me up, but it's no where as bad as it was... Sex... I found that when I was in
  8. Try moving away for the Nuetrogena "acne pron skin" bar, I used it also, it's just another salycilic acid product, try using nuetrogena clear skin wash/mask, it's a BP based product, work alot better.... I think you have sensitive skin like me, so it much better on your face... For sum reason the Nuetrogena "acne pron skin" bar made me break out, or redden my face, or just dried it out, little of everything actually, so after about 2 weeks, I ditched the bar, and went to the Clear Skin...
  9. Um, just wondering I might be wanting to do this. My scares look like craters compaired to urs, So how much $$$BLING$$$ are we talking about???
  10. actually tanning I have read is to be a short term cure for acne, one it helps covers the spots and two, the skin starts to produce more oil, to help wid the dry skin, in turn what's happening is that the oil is being used instead of building up. But once the skin is back to it's original condition the oil glands will continue to build up oil for the next few hours or even days or so. This will build up "unused oil on ur skin" which will clog pores and etc. etc. break outs, etc etc.. Yeah u k
  11. Hey what's up, This is my First post in like forever..... So I was just reading about ur recent success, Great Job. I am glade to see people getting over there acne. Jim Perserverance will go along way, look how it's treatin' u. Brett stick wid it. Have confidence in what ur using and congradulate urself everyday whenever u notice that u are seeing a decrease in ur acne, and don't try to be so picky, just cause one might be forming doesn't mean it's going to pop up, just stick wid the plan
  12. Wow, it's been forever since I been here, I haven't been on here since April so I missed out on alot. Abby Looks as if U R doing great. Kinda jealous, but oh well. One day my face will be acne free, it's settled down alot just everynow and then I get these break outs, they are not huge, but they are totally noticible... So that sux. I can't wear makeup to cover them up like u can. Even though I have thought about it, but if I am on a date, making out with a girl and she says why am I
  13. I too am half asian/Caucasian, and back in highschool-middle school I had real mild acne, but once I turned 19, it picked up. My face would sometimes look swollen, from the acne. Now a Year later, going on 21 soon, it's been going down, all I am using is the clear pore cleanser/mask 2-3x's a day and using it as a mask maybe 2x's a week, I also have the mint julep mask but use that maybe 1-2x a week also, but usually I sleep with it on, and my face stays oily, so It really doesn't dry out that m
  14. Been a Long time Peoples, wow, Well it's been a while since I last been here, so here is the update of me. I am off the regimen. I am currently just washing my face 2-3x's a day. pending on what I do that day, and how oily my face is. I use Clear Pore cleanser/mask a BP facial soap/mask. I am increased my apple joice and water intake, complete cut off from sodas, and alcohol. as For face, no recent break outs, and face is healing. I don't touch my face, half as much as I used to. B
  15. hey abby, I haven't been on in a long time, but I came back just to check out how well you were doing. As for me I have completely stopped the regimen. I wash my face twice a day, maybe three x's pending on how oily my face is or what I done that day/night. I use the clear pore cleanser/mask. I use it as a mask once a week. I have completely stopped drinking sodas, and resorted to apple juice, (I am not a big fan of it, but my friend suggested, cause she has acne, off and on.) She told me t