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  1. this is very subjective..there are many factors that affect how your skin will look after your hormones stabilize or whatever and i think no1 will be able to give you definite answer
  2. yes, but it depends on your acne severity and factors like healthy lifestyle etc. but it is definitely achievable
  3. hey i didn't know that owen willson is on this forum
  4. have you ever heard of google? for example : http://www.google.com/#hl=en&sugexp=ld...c5229e2e8efe107 http://www.google.co.uk/#sclient=psy&h...083440815b601b8 no offense
  5. im 26 and i have combo skin and the oilness slowly is getting better with age
  6. vartoooza

    cleaning a trimmer

    you really don't need do disinfect your trimmer after shaving
  7. my face hate shaving aswell! thats why i use hair trimmer on my face like once a week and got no problem my gf loves my shaggy face
  8. you should check hemp seed oil which is not commedogenic (actualy it helps with clogged pores) and full of vitamines and antioxidants.its light and helps reducing/preventing wrinkles
  9. you didn't mention your skin type but if you are dry and tight after shower even if you use a moisturizer, maybe you can try physiogel cream which is awesome at rehydrating damaged skin (you can check it here ).but prepare to be a little shiny if your skin type is combination or oily
  10. :shock: somebody recognize me here :D
  11. :lol: sry dude, i didn't red your post, i just looked at those pictures and thought you are BP user with allergic reaction like mine (long time ago) :whistle:
  12. that bumpy rash is allergic reaction to BP.believe me, i have had exactly same reaction.after few days of not using BP it goes back to normal
  13. Gators_Fan thumbs up for your posts in this topic!you are very right
  14. i can highly recommend complex 15 moisturizer (not lotion)! i am adding hemp seed oil every time i use it, which makes it more moisturising, helps with clogged pores and adding alot of vitamines and antioxidants